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Write a short (about 2-page) essay describing your strategy of how we (as a global society, with focus on the U.S. domestic front) should move forward with energy production and consumption. See attachment for the whole assignment

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Take into account newfound knowledge and understanding you’ve gained throughout taking this
course. Consider content from the film entitled “Switch” (from the Switch Energy Alliance),
which you can access online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvaE0PFna84, will likely
sway your thinking. And, Dr. Tinker’s presentation at 2019 GSA may also influence your
thoughts. Please see “Switch is back! Energy poverty, the energy transition, and modern energy
education” at: https://livestream.com/accounts/7595903/events/8768816/videos/196747691.
The Exercise: Write a short (~2-page) document describing your strategy of how we (as a global
society, with focus on the U.S. domestic front) should move forward with energy production and
consumption. Address trends, changes, concerns, issues, efficiencies, benefits and/or drawbacks
(which may span from beyond energy to economical to environmental to societal to sustainable
to practical to …) as you construct your strategy. Justify your claims, assertions and/or
motivations efficiently – as in, concisely, succinctly. Provide at least a bit of rationale to your
argument(s). Basic specifications for your document are as such: at least two (2) full pages
(…but not much more than two (2) if you slop onto another page), 12-point font, double-spaced
(…or cheat with space and a half), 1-inch margins. You may / should add reference citations if
you gather certain information from specific sources.
You may approach this exercise from a synthesis / energy-portfolio point of view or address
more specifically certain aspects of the energy sector. That is for you to decide. All in all, I am
interested in reading (and evaluating) a well-constructed, nicely written, thoughtful short essay
on your perceptions on this matter, especially as we conclude this edition of Geology of Energy

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