5 mins PPT work


TOPIC : the formation of diamond ,5 mins PPTwork and one page work detail TOPIC : the formation of diamond ,5 mins PPTwork and one page work detail

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Geology 4L: Final Project/Presentation
Goal: To understand the spheres that make up the Earth system and the processes through which they
You may form a team of two members or you may work individually. Using what you have learned
this semester in Geology 4L, choose an event or process about which you are interested in learning more
(e.g. Mount Saint Helens eruption, supervolcano eruptions, the formation of diamonds, Hurricane Maria,
a large meteor impact). Make sure to pick a topic that that is large enough to affect each (or at least a
majority) of Earth’s spheres (i.e. atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, cosmosphere) as
discussed in class.
Your project should: 1) focus on how your chosen event or process affects each sphere and 2) include
as many connections as possible to what you have learned in the Geology 4L labs. Use the diagram below
to help you think about the types of interactions that could occur.
I encourage you to think creatively and to incorporate the expertise of your major and what you have
learned in other classes into your project if it fits into the scope of the project.
Requirements and grading:
Determine groups – 4/23
Select topic and get instructor approval – 4/30
Presentation assignments – 5/7
Presentation (5-7 minutes) – 5/14
0 Points
5 Points
5 Points
60 Points (Instructor), 30 Points (Class)
This is meant to be a visual project, so be selective about the written material you use, making sure it
is enough for someone looking at your presentation to understand the ideas and concepts but not so much
that they don’t want to look at it.
You are free to use any visual medium. Some examples for the medium are: posters, computer visual, etc.
If you use any outside sources, you must list them in a reference section of your project.

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