A. T. Still University Vacation Leave and Vacation Pay Scenario Analysis


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Your organization is an organic food supplier with employees in the following jurisdictions:

Prince Edward Island
The organization is planning to implement a company-wide policy with respect to vacation leave and vacation
pay that provides the same benefits to all employees, regardless of their province of employment. As the
Payroll Supervisor, provide Susan Fraser, the Human Resources Manager, with the following information:

Identify four specific items relating to vacation leave and vacation pay that will have to be addressed in the
policy to ensure compliance with the employment/labour standards in each jurisdiction.
Research the details for each of the items you have identified using the course material and the
employment/labour standards website for each jurisdiction.

Using the results of your research, provide your recommendations to Ms. Fraser on how to address each
of these items in the policy to provide the employees with the best benefit, while keeping the cost to the
organization at a minimum. Explain your reasoning.
Prepare your response (250 – 400 words) using correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. You will be
penalized if you are excessively over or under the suggested word count. Your response must be stated in
your own words and should be based on the course material, your experiences, knowledge gained through
the course and at least one external government resource. If you are using a memo format for your response,
you must use your name as registered in the course in the ‘From:’ line.
Any responses taken directly from the external government resource or course material will not be accepted.
Information referenced from the government resource(s) and the course material must be cited. For example:

if you are referencing the Canada Revenue Agency’s Employers’ Guide – Payroll Deductions and
Remittances – T4001, state the URL where the information can be found,
https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/forms-publications/publications/t4001.html and the
page number, if applicable
if you are referencing the course material, state the course name, chapter and page number where the
information can be found (for example, PCL, 1-1)
This written assignment is worth 7.5% of your final mark. This assignment must be completed and submitted
to your instructor by 11:59 a.m. (Central Time) on the due date.
It is recommended that you prepare your response using MS Word or a similar word processing software and
then copy and paste your response into the ‘Your Response’ field. The ‘Save and Close’ button will save your
work and allow you to make future edits. Once you are satisfied with your response, click the ‘Submit’ button.
No further edits can be made once your assignment is submitted.
Note: Late assignments will not be graded.

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