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1) Which of the following statements is true?
For 1 Point(s)

2) Which of the following statements is true?
For 1 Point(s)

A) Director Quentin Tarantino is a prime advocate of digital effects, utilizing CG in all of his
movies in order to generate as realistic a film moment as possible.
B) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World uses an energetic visual flourish to bring the cartoonish vigor of
the story’s original illustrations to life.
C) Coming from a traditional filmmaking background, director Steven Spielberg has always
been averse to the use of CG imagery in his films. Even in these days of digital ascendency, he
refuses to employ CG imagery in any of the epic worlds he creates.
D) In creating a poetic, awe-inspiring movie, legendary filmmaker Terrence Malick utilized the
realism of the latest CG effects in order to generate the organic, epic feeling of cosmic
starbursts, solar storms, and outer space in his film The Tree of Life.
3) Which of the following statements is true?
For 1 Point(s)

A) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World uses a subdued visual style to bring a quiet, introspective
subject matter to life.
B) Director Christopher Nolan, who has always refused to utilize any mechanical or traditional
shooting methods in his films, firmly believes that celluloid film is dead and that digital
filmmaking is the only way forward.
C) During the 2010s, classic comic book heroes have all been given cheerful, bright visual and
psychological treatments in order to match the look and feel of their original comic book styles.
D) To conjure the galactic, huge, and epic feeling of the far reaches of space in Malick’s film
The Tree of Life, legendary visual effects man Douglass Trumbull filmed such things as liquids,
paints, and smoke instead of using CG imagery.
A) In the 2010s, filmmaker Woody Allen returned to his slapstick comedic roots, writing and
directing only inane, light-hearted comedies and playing the lead roles in all of his films.
B) Sucker Punch, about a confused character trying to struggle through a puzzle structure in
search of her identity, is set only in narrative reality, never taking place within the protagonist’s
C) Indicating that digital media had not yet become part of their daily lives, movie-goers could
not understand anything in the visually chaotic tapestry of Scott Pilgrim Versus the World.
D) In the digital age, viewer uncertainty about what on screen is an actual event captured
through photographic processes and what is an artificial yet photo-realistic CG creation has
often been reflected in narratives that center on issues of puzzled identity.
4) Which of the following statements is true?
For 1 Point(s)

A) Christopher Nolan’s Inception, which followed a clear-cut, traditional narrative storyline
about a character who infiltrates dreams, did not utilize any CG technology to make its visual
effects seem real.
B) During the 2010s, classic comic-book heroes were given darker visual and psychological
treatments than their original comic-book versions. These characterizations met a need in
viewers for identity struggles to seem real.
C) The narrative structure of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is traditional. Scott proceeds through a
video-game-style world battling foes until his death, unable to learn from his past mistakes.
D) Films like Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained were like nothing audiences had ever
seen. Never borrowing from or tipping a hat to any earlier styles, director Quentin Tarantino
created work that is all his own.

5) Which of the following statements is true?
For 1 Point(s)

6) Which of the following statements is true?
For 1 Point(s)

A) During the 2010s, the concept of the comic book superhero struggling between an alter ego
and a secret identity was no longer the right storyline for exploring notions of puzzlement about
reality or the self.
B) Very few of the cinematic trends we saw occurring in Hollywood films throughout the 2000s
have persisted during the 2010s.
C) Inspired by the computer-generated imagery which rendered Fred Astaire dancing on the
ceiling back in 1951’s Royal Wedding, Christopher Nolan used digital means to render a fight
sequence in Inception as characters battle in a zero-gravity hallway.
D) Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island shared similarities with Christopher Nolan’s Inception.
Both starred Leonardo DiCaprio as a troubled protagonist whose identity crisis and disturbed
subconscious call into question his own sense of reality.
7) Which of the following statements is true?
For 1 Point(s)

A) After directing E.T. and The Goonies, filmmaker J.J. Abrams brought us Super 8, which
similarly chronicled the adventures of a group of young friends.
B) During the 2000s and 2010s, Woody Allen continued to only write and direct films which
took place in his beloved Manhattan.
C) Borrowing from many years of World War II tropes, the opening moments from Quentin
Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds featured a predictably evil, stereotypical Nazi commander who
interrogates a local French farmer.
D) Utilizing some of the latest CG technology, Christopher Nolan’s Inception is filled with
riddles and psychological mazes which force the viewer to even wonder whether or not the
protagonist’s reality is itself a dream.
A) Never embracing computer-generated imagery, legendary director Martin Scorsese has
always avoided the use of digital in his work—especially in his film Hugo, which detailed a
critical figure in film history.
B) When Steven Spielberg directed films like Polar Express, Beowulf, and A Christmas Carol,
he discarded the innovations in motion capture made by his friend Robert Zemeckis. Instead,
he utilized traditional make up in order to create the characters’ other-worldly look.
C) The Kick-Ass franchise explored questions of identity from the point of obsessed fans who
set out to become actual superheroes themselves.
D) Always critical of the 1970s and 1980s work of Steven Spielberg, director J.J. Abrams’s
films exhibit a disdain for that era in filmmaking and utilize the latest CG technology to create
very different worlds.
8) Which of the following statements is true?
For 1 Point(s)

A) Visually, Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch creates a landscape decorated with drab, poorly
generated detail. Its production design feels out of place, not matching the protagonist’s dream
B) In the opening moments of Inglorious Basterds, director Quentin Tarantino fails to create
any element of suspense because he paid no attention to the techniques of famed director
Alfred Hitchcock.
C) Making only a small handful of films since the 1960s, director Woody Allen is known for his
rapid-fire editing pace and use of extreme close ups in all of his scenes.

9) Which of the following statements is true?
For 1 Point(s)

D) The ease with which most viewers understood the visually dense landscape of Scott Pilgrim
vs. the World illustrated just how ubiquitous digital media had become for most viewers.
A) To ensure their believability, all of the sequences in Christopher Nolan’s
Inception—including the famed hallway fight sequence in which brawling characters seem to
float through the air and bump into walls—were generated through computer imagery only.
B) Striving for a near-life-like appearance for the classic cartoon characters from Tintin, Steven
Spielberg employed the latest motion capture technology to create a world that feels partly
realistic and partly fantastical.
C) The visual approach which filmmaker Terrence Malick takes to his work can be described
as small, intimate and close up. In the dozens of films he has directed, his fast-paced style has
relied heavily on plot-driven narratives and characters who are shot in a rapid-cutting style.
D) In order for Bruce Wayne’s personal struggle with his Batman alter-ego in The Dark Knight
to feel realistic, the director created a Gotham City which appeared even more dark and gothic
than the one in Tim Burton’s earlier Batman films.
10) Which of the following statements is true?
For 1 Point(s)

A) Comic book and superhero films have enjoyed mega-triumphs at the box office in the 2010s
due not only to the stories’ previous and reliable success with viewers, but also to the ability of
digital software to finally render the worlds visually believable to viewers.
B) Director Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch takes up a story that had appeared in comic-book
form years before the film was made. It follows the saga of a young, wrongly accused woman
who copes with her terrible reality by escaping into a fantasy world.
C) Flat dialog and conversation styles which lack punch are typical of the work of Quentin
Tarantino. His films steal elements from other films while failing to become their own works of
D) The Kick-Ass franchise investigated issues of identity not from the point of view of comic
book fans, but with actual, classic comic-book characters like Batman and Superman.

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