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ACC 382 Final Exam Study Guide
Chapter 10

Managerial accounting vs. financial accounting
Activities of management
Manufacturing/product costs and examples of each
Calculating manufacturing costs
Nonmanufacturing/period costs and examples of each
Treatment of product costs vs. period costs
Cost of goods manufactured schedule and calculations on the schedule
Cost of goods sold calculation
Chapter 10 Examples 1 – 2
Chapter 11

Variable costs, their behavior, and examples
Fixed costs, their behavior, and examples
Mixed costs and their behavior
High-low method calculations
CVP income statement
Contribution margin and its calculation
Contribution margin ratio calculation
Break-even point and its calculations: contribution margin technique
Target profit and its calculations
Margin of safety and its calculations
CVP Examples/Analysis
Chapter 11 Example 1
Chapter 12

Definition of terms used in incremental analysis: relevant, unavoidable, opportunity cost, etc.
Identifying relevant and irrelevant costs
Incremental analysis examples for each of the four scenarios: special orders, make or buy, sell or
process further, and keep or drop
Chapter 12 Examples 1 – 4
Chapter 13

Master budget and flow of master budget
Be able to perform calculations related to each of the budgets discussed in the Chapter 13 Lecture
Chapter 14

Static budgets, uses, and limitations
Flexible budgets and calculations within a flexible budget
Identifying variances as favorable or unfavorable
ROI and its calculations
Investment Center Responsibility Report

Improving ROI
Concerns with improving ROI
Chapter 14 Examples 1 – 2

Toyota Production System
Workers Tell Wells Fargo Horror Stories
Specifically from Textbook Readings

Pg. 410: Management Insight – Louis Vuitton
Pg. 549: Service Company Insight – Olympic Games
Pg. 591: Service Company Insight – San Diego Zoo
Pg. 596: Management Insight – Honda
Pg. 604: Accounting Across the Organization – Hollywood

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Managerial accounting


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