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This Discussion Topic will provide an opportunity to identify musical elements
in historical/cultural contexts (CLO 3).
Several weeks ago we encountered modernist composers who wrote music as
they saw fit with little regard for audiences. More recently we encountered
Bob Dylan, who, while not so hostile to audiences as the modernists, has
nevertheless followed his own artistic impulses while expecting audiences to
adjust to them. The late Beatles gave us a touch of this as well. Hovering
over these discussions has been this question: what is the right balance
between disdaining the public at one extreme and “selling out” to it at the
1) In a single paragraph, post the following:
a. Briefly define your position regarding the right balance (see above); to what
degree should artists cater to audiences?
b. Give an example of one of two circumstances:
i. A group or artist that in your opinion has sold out. On what criterion (or
criteria) do you base that opinion? Is it a shift in musical style? … a lowering
of musical quality coinciding with a rise in popularity? …statements by the
artist(s), music critics, fans, or others?
ii. A group or artist that in your opinion has resisted the temptation to sell
out. On what do you base that opinion?
2) Respond in 2-3 sentences to the posting of at least one other
student. You can agree with a. and/or b., disagree, or offer an elaboration on
those points.
This extra-credit discussion is worth 30 points broken down as follows:

Up to 5 points for for a clearly defined position (“a” above).

Up to 15 points for “b.i.” or “b.ii.” (above). In either case you must both
identify a group or artist and justify your opinion.

Up to 10 points for your response. To get full credit, you must contribute to
the discussion, which means having a point and going beyond merely
repeating what others in the thread have written.

Note that there are no late-postings for this forum.
I personally don’t think that an artist should adjust his/her
music just to sell tickets and get rich. They’re in the industry for
the love of it and not just for the money. It’s kinda like teachers;
teachers don’t teach to get rich but because it is more of a
calling. I think this goes hand and hand with music. Not
everyone can be a teacher and not everyone can be a musician.
Teaching styles can vary just as artist style can change and
should not conform to what everyone wants to hear but as to
what they want to create.
I think an artist that has “sold out” is Luke Bryan. If you look at
the music he used to sing when he was just starting out it had a
lot of raw meaning behind it. Most of his songs were from his
real life experiences and he also took more part in writing or
help write them. His older music I would also consider actual
country but his new music seems effortless. In my opinion, his
newer music is hardly country and is focused more on being
appealing to everyone rather than just country.
An artist that I believe doesn’t focus on selling out and has
resisted the temptation of being a “big time star” is Tyler
Childers. Not many people know of him because he likes to write
his own music and write about real life issues that not everyone
may agree with. I like that he sings about real life and puts his
heart and soul into his songs. Most of the time there isn’t a lot
of instrumental music playing behind him but just him and a
guitar. He really likes to paint a picture with his words and I
think a lot of people miss that piece to the puzzle now a days
while writing their songs.

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