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Part 1Prior to entering the war, the United States agreed on a broad strategy with Allied powers for how to conduct the war (“the centerpiece of Allied strategy”). What was this strategy?What two acts, signed into law by the Wilson administration in 1917 and 1918, were implemented at the beginning of the U.S. involvement in World War I with the intention of protecting U.S. personnel during the mobilization, but also crushed dissent of the war?Despite the advancements made in naval warfare capabilities at the beginning of the 20th century, what remained “the essence of naval warfare?Despite the fact that they were a turn away from the original strategy for fighting in Europe, why were World War II’s Operation HUSKY and Operation AVALANCHE important to achieve later success?Which battle ended the threat of major German resistance in Europe during World War II?After the Battle of the Philippine Sea (also referred to as the “Great Marianas Turkey Shoot”) eliminated Japanese naval aviation capabilities in World War II, which battle destroyed the remainder of the Japanese fleet?What event in 1940 prompted President Roosevelt to shift away from hemispheric defense and towards policies that assisted Great Britain (and all of Europe)?What was the method of preserving American isolationism during the early years of World War I, as opposed to military deployment?Describe some of the main reasons President Truman decided to drop the atomic bombs to end World War II.What were the three tenets Wilson stuck to after the failure of his “14 Points” at the end of World War I?What were some of the major new developments did the U.S Navy employ to mitigate the effect of Germany’s U-boats during World War I, and how were they used?Part 2Cold War (1945-1950) discussionPost your comments/questions/observations on the week’s topic here.

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America’s New Military Policy
Foreign Policy Post-WWII
• The beginnings of the Cold War
coincided with the end of World
War Two – Truman took many
actions to check Soviet influence in
Europe and Asia (Truman Doctrine,
• Efforts to rebuild Europe were
underway as soon as the Paris
Peace Treaties were signed
• General George C. Marshall (as
Secretary of State) led efforts to
revitalize industry in Europe (The
Marshall Plan)
• Soviets pushed to control all of Berlin, and therefore all of Germany, but West Berlin was saved via the Berlin
• General Douglas MacArthur was the de facto leader of Japan during reconstruction there
• The emphases at this time were to:
• Rebuild Western Europe and Japan
• Deter Soviet expansion and influence
• First Indochina War complicated plans for Soviet deterrence
Multinational Cooperation
• While the U.S. government pivoted towards nuclear proliferation as deterrence,
the need for a conventional force was understood
• However, World Wars One and Two taught that major military efforts must be
multinational (at least in part)
• The United Nations (UN) was formed immediately after World War Two, with the
mission of ensuring global peace and security through collective action
• North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was formed in April 1949 to ensure
unified response to Soviet aggression (collective defense)
• First test of UN response came with invasion of South Korea by North Korea

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Mediterranean Sea

World War I amp II

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