ANM 104 OL1 SVA Animation Techniques From 1906 Till 1926


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Animation History      Spring 2019        Beckerman 

The first 20 Years: Animation Techniques From 1906 Till 1926

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Animation History
Spring 2019
The First 20 Years: Animation Techniques From 1906 Till 1926
Animation on film was possible because of the methods that the cartoon production
studios employed. To create a steady flow of silent shorts for theaters, the techniques that
were developed had to be easy to master, quick to produce, low in cost and serve as
screen entertainment. Starting with the visual look of the characters and their
surroundings, the production process had to be standardized. Problems that did arise were
usually successfully surmounted by the ingenuity and creativity of the studio workforce.
In this class will be discussing examples of these early techniques, so please be attentive
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and take notes.
How to 8.2.
a34 Bi-Parking film sin
Write an essay about these techniques and explain how they worked
This paper is due. March 14th
3 pages minimum. 12pt Times New Roman, double spaced.
Write this in essay form. NOT A LIST. It must be clear and legible.
Please edit for simplicity and accuracy. You are writing a factual STORY! MO.
Dates, names of people, descriptions of techniques must be easy to
understand by anyone reading your paper.
Reread searching for errors in facts, spelling and grammar.
Rewrite for clarity and accuracy and for ease of reading.
Check out these books: *Animation The Whole Story, Howard Beckerman
*Before Mickey, Donald Crafton. * The Hollywood Cartoon Michael Barrier
of Mice and Magic, Leonard Maltin *Winsor McCay, His Life and Art, John
Cancmaker “The Twisted Tale of Felix the Cat. John Canemaker
@ Bugs
6 TA
Relations in the

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