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Read the article and fill up the question.
NY Times article on glaciersClick link to open resource.
also Download “Google Earth Pro”

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1. Download “Google Earth Pro” onto your laptop.
2. Read the article, “Glaciers are retreating. Millions need their water,” from the New
York Times, Jan. 16 2019. As you read, use Google Earth to find some of the
geographic features discussed in the article.
3. Type Almaty in the search window. Use the pan, tilt and zoom functions to get a
general idea of the region around Almaty. Based on image color and patterns of
cultivation, which part of Kazakhstan is most intensely vegetated/cultivated?
Choose north, south, east or west._____________________.
4. Locate the Tyuksu glacier. Do this with the ruler tool in Google Earth. Draw a
line from Almaty 15 miles due south. (Change the units on the ruler if
necessary.) The end of this line marks the approximate position of the old
Russian research station on the Tyuksu glacier. Mark the spot with a push pin
and label it.
5. What are the two main uses for glacial meltwater in the Almaty
6. Use the search window to locate the Indus River. Zoom in so that you can see
the water in the river, then pan to follow it to its approximate source, zooming in
and out to help you track the river. From the red balloon that Google Earth
places on the Indus, the source is to the northeast. What geographic feature
mentioned in the article appears to correspond to the point where the Indus
reaches some mountain glaciers?
7. What agricultural practice is mentioned in the article as a way to conserve water
as the flow from melting glaciers diminished in the
8. Double-click on the Tyuksu glacier push pin in the “Places” panel on the left side
of the Google Earth window. Pan to the northeast to find the main stream
draining the glacier. You can recognize the upper reaches of the stream by the
areas of gravel that have been deposited on either side. As soon as you can
clearly identify running water in the image, zoom out so that the stream and its
source can be seen, capture the screen and paste the image at the end of this
9. Along much of the stream’s path, you can see a highway running parallel to it.
Why was the highway constructed
10. Follow the stream (Little Almaty River) into downtown Almaty. What visual clues
help you identify the presence of the stream?
How can you guess where it is likely to be, even if the water is not visible?
11. When you have reached the downtown area, use the tilt tool (top right of the
Google Earth window) to get a perspective view and do a screen capture. Make
sure your picture shows the river flowing in a man-made channel and at least one
skyscraper. Paste the image at the end of this document.
12. Continue panning along the path of the river. You will see an airport as you pan.
Keep following the stream until you reach the outskirts of town and observe the
first (dry) fields. Find the spot where the stream meanders, making 180 degree
changes in direction. Mark this spot with a yellow push pin and label it “River
13. Zoom out until you can see both yellow push pins in your window (Tyuksu glacier
and river meanders), capture the screen and paste the image at the end of this

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Google Earth Pro

NY Times article on glaciers

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