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Please watch the movie Your Inner Reptile Alex Tate, David Dugan, Tom Cook and answer the questions in the attachment

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“Directions: Please watch the movie Your Inner Reptile (Canvas→ Course
Reserve→ Your Inner Fish, scroll down on Kanopy, Episode 2). The movie has
accurate captions, if you wish to use them. You must watch the movie to
answer the questions. Be warned-we will know if you google the answers. Any
evidence of that will warrant a zero on this assignment and you will receive no
extra credit. You are allowed to watch the movie together; you may not
answer the questions using google docs, etc. Your answers must be original.
Answer the questions using the text boxes provided below each question.
Upload the file through turnitin (on Canvas) using a PDF or a Word File only.”
1. “Genes in chickens and reptiles produce yolk for developing eggs. Do these
genes show up in humans; if so, how do they function?”
2. “What is Karoo famous for (in terms of paleontology)? What country is it in?”
3. “The fossil Gorgonopsid was a very unusual creature and a famous example of
a species showing transitional features. What do the teeth of this creature
indicate about what animal group it might have belonged and why?”
4. “Why might hair have first evolved? What was hair likely exapted for?”
(Exapted is not used in the movie-it is a term we learned in class)
5. “The EDA gene in our bodies controls many very important functions. What
features did the person in the movie with the mutations of the EDA gene
have? What famous show did he appear in?”
6. “Where do the bones from our ear come from? How are our ears different
from reptile ears?”
7. “Why is the lower jaw of Hadrocodium special? Where does it get its name?”
8. “Write 3-4 sentences on what you learned in this documentary! What did you
like or find really interesting?”

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