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Final Paper Questions
Image #1:
Joseph Wright of Derby, Alchymist, 1771
How is this work representative of the Enlightenment era and the philosophies of
Voltaire? Discuss the formal elements that add to the content (meaning) of the work.
Image #2:
Thomas Gainsborough, portrait of a lady, possibly Elizabeth White, Mrs Hartley, c.1786-7
How is this work representative of the Enlightenment era philosophies of Rousseau and the
“natural?” How did Rousseau’s beliefs differ from those of Voltaire? What do you call this
kind of portraiture and why was it popular at the time?
Image #3:
David, The Death of Socrates, c. 1787
Discuss the Neoclassical elements of this work. Why would Enlightenment thinkers and
followers of Voltaire look back to Classical Antiquity?
Image #4:
Gericault, Raft of the Medusa, 1819.
Do a little light research about the subject matter of this image. How is this work
representative, in both style and subject matter of Romanticism? Discuss Romanticism as a
reaction to Neoclassicism.
Getting Started:

Choose one of the three topics provided under this module heading (Renaissance,
Baroque or the Enlightenment). Click on your chosen topic and view the 4
images provided and the leading questions that are intended to help you gather
your thoughts.
Writing Your Paper:

Introductory paragraph:
o general traits of the era you have chosen: years; geographic location;
major artists during this time;
o historical events that may have played a role in the artwork created;
Address the images:
o using the questions provided for each topic.
o summarize the traits of the time period in a short closer;
o project where art is headed after your last image. For example, if you
are working on the Renaissance paper, your concluding remarks could
briefly forecast that in the next century art would lose the calm and
balanced traits of the Renaissance in favor of Counter-Reformation
Works Cited:
o For information taken from outside sources (paraphrased or quoted).
o Tip: There is no shame in citing! If you use someone’s else’s ideas give
them credit.
o Resource: For APA (Links to an external site.), For MLA (Links to an
external site.)
Length: 4 full pages double spaced
Submission: Use the text box provided. You do not need to upload the images that I provide
for you BUT if you want to discuss other works as a point of comparison you can upload
those images

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Explanation & Answer:
4 pages

religious belief

enlightenment period

power of reason

improve human conditions

philosophy to understand the universe

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