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1000 word film paper due Must follow instructions in the pictureThere can be absolutely no plagiarism at all Please send with a turnitin report Make sure to ci

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wa Danford says-
Communications for OLR FC X
Cross Your Mind (Spanit X
HIST 2111.06 Spring 2021 – X
Two Exams: 20% each (40%)
The non-cumulative exams will consist of matching, multiple choice, and one comprehensive
essay question that deals with various themes and readings from throughout each half of the
semester. Students should upload exam into Assignments function of the course site.
Additional details will be provided later in the semester.
Three Film Papers: 10% each (30%)
Film Papers are analytical reflections that compare and contrast a set of related films AND
address a theme or number of themes from each film. This means that students should undertake
critical reviews of films that includes themes and content from the book AND lecture. Papers
should possess a clear argument, and be written with a coherent structure. THESE ARE NOT
FILM SUMMARIES (I’ve already seen these movies, and I know what happens. Do not simply
re-state the events of the film.)
Each film paper MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 1,000 WORDS (four pages, double-spaced, 12-
point font). Plagiarism will result in an automatic F zero for the assignment (see the plagiarism
section below). Late reflections will be penalized one full letter grade for each day lateNO
Though we will be screening the films in class, students who do not attend class on the screening
dates are expected to procure and watch the films on their own time. This might entail
purchasing, streaming, or requesting and borrowing the films from either the ASU or public
Students will consider and write on themes of class, race, and gender in the following films:
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Below are some prompts/questions to get you started for Film Paper #3. As always, feel free to
analyze these themes or come up with your own. Papers are due on Monday, April 12.
Glory (1989):
Racism: In multiple ways the film explores racial discrimination against black
soldiers within the Union Army. Explain these scenes. How does the movie suggest that many
white Union soldiers evolved over time? How does it also speak to the distinction between being
slavery and race (that a white Union soldiers typically opposed slavery and the Confederacy, but
did not views black people as equals).
Social Class: From what part of society do Shaw and Forbes come? How do the characters of
Trip, Searles, Rawlins, and Jupiter represent a cross-section of both free blacks and former
slaves? How are class and race connect in the scene near the end between Shaw and Trip in
which they discuss life after the war? How does this conversation foreshadow the problems of
Manhood: Explain how the film depicts various conceptions of manhood. How is manhood
interpreted differently by different characters?
Militancy and Assimilation: How do the philosophies of Trip and Rawlins differ? Do you
think they represent various parts of the black radical tradition? Why does Trip refuse to carry
the flag?
Interracial Solidarity: Racial understanding and reconciliation parallel the regiment’s shared
struggle. In particular, the pay strike scene is a turning point. Wat are some other scenes that
demonstrate this? How is the movie’s final scene a visual embodiment of this theme?
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