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“Life With Madonna and child”
Madonna and Child
Throughout many years, people had used art as a reflection of their
religious beliefs and cultural values. People understood and value the same work
of art in different ways for many people the main purpose of art is to satisfy our
aesthetic sense and our desire to see and experience the beauty of Bellini’s
famous Madonna and Child is originally a religious painting which belief to depict
the Virgen Mary and Jesus. This painting was in 1485 by the Italian Florentine
this work of art has live in the Metropolitan Museum since the year 1949.
Length: 2-3 pages long (Times New Roman, double spaced)
Format: Introduction: Your introductory paragraph must have a thesis statement that explains
the role that this artist fulfills. Additionally, you must include basic info about the artwork you’re
writing about (title, artist, year, medium) at some point in the introduction. Body Paragraphs:
Each of your body paragraphs must introduce new supporting evidence of why this artist (and
their artwork) fulfills one of the roles of an artist. Do not repeat yourself. Conclusion: Sum up your
argument and offer any new incite garnered through your analysis.
Sources: You must reference at least 3 outside sources. These sources must be credible.
You cannot use Wikipedia or similar, unreliable Internet sources. If you have questions about
whether a source is credible, ask me.
Formatting: All artwork titles must be italicized.
Image List: You must include an image list (a separate page of an art history paper, which
includes a photo of any of the artworks you reference in the paper).
Citations: You must cite all of your sources by including MLA or Chicago style citations and
bibliography. Information about how to cite can be found in the “Writing Workshop” powerpoint.
You can also refer to the following link for info regarding citations: If you have any questions,
again, do not hesitate to ask me.
Plagiarism: As a reminder, paraphrasing or quoting an outside source without a citation
constitutes plagiarism and is ground for failure and notification to the administration. Don’t let
this happen.
Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 6:15 PM
85.00 / 100.00
Feedback comments
Your next step should be to decide which of Sayre’s roles of the
artist you think Bellini fulfills. Decide on one role, and then pin
point (at least) three reasons why you think he does so. Each of
your paper’s body paragraphs should expand and go into detail
about one of these reasons. Take another look at the Writing
Workshop that I posted last week. This presentation
demonstrates how to flesh out a thesis statement with
As you move forward, I’d like you to consider how Bellini’s
depiction of Mary/Jesus is unique. Sayre analysis of van
Eyck’s Ghent Altarpiece as an excellent model (i.e. van Eyck
represents the Christian God as a benevolent king). Get specific
about what makes this painting distinctive in the canon.
As you’ve researched, have you checked out JSTOR
( and Google Books? These are great
resources for finding accredited, academic sources. You can
log into JSTOR using your Bergen credentials.

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