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Discuss the relevant themes you found in the production you saw. How did this production bring out these themes? This can be in the acting, directorial choices, set and/or costume design, lighting and/or sound effects. What was the takeaway message you got from seeing this production? Use specific examples from the production to illustrate your opinions.Be sure to identify the production by name, date, theatre, producing organization, and director. When discussing performances or design elements, identify the actor or designer by name.Minimum length is 2 pages, double-spaced base the infomation off of the 8am showin today at the Moonlight Amphitheater San Diego THE LINK IS THE FULL PLAY IS link for the playis essay should be submitted within 1 week of seeing the production. ALOS PLESE USE FILE ATTCHED

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Worksheet for Theatregoing
The following worksheet has been designed as an aid to note-taking. It should be used while you are attending a
production. It does not call for extensive information; rather, it will help you jot down quick impressions that you
can use later to jog your memory when you are actually developing your report. That is, the questions on these
sheets are meant to help you accumulate information. Remember: Do not try to write an essay or even any fully
developed statements while you are watching the performance; that would defeat the whole purpose of
Notes before the performance
1. Theatre:
a. Jot down three adjectives which describe the atmosphere of the theatre.
2. Program:
a. Read any notes in the program and underline when and where the play is set, and any other
information you have gleaned from the program.
b. Underline three sentences which you believe will help you better understand the production.
c. Underline any historical information in the program about the play or playwright.
3. Playing space.
a. Can you see the playing space before the performance begins?
b. If you can see the playing space, what are your impressions about the scenery? What does it seem to
suggest about the production? (Just jot down a few adjectives that reflect your first impressions.)
Intermission notes
1. Who is the central character? With whom does this character conflict? For each of the characters you have
just named, jot down three adjectives that describe his or her personality and physical attributes and three
adjectives to describe how you feel about the performance of the actor playing him or her.
2. Briefly describe a specific moment or scene that you thought was particularly dramatic, effective, or
3. Describe a striking use of an image or simile by a character, or a moment in which such an image is used.
4. Has any character directly addressed the audience? Note who and (very briefly) when.
Jot down three adjectives that reflect your impressions about each of the following.
6. Write one word or one short phrase which best describes the world of the play (for instance, absurd,
unceasingly violent, repressed, uncontrollably cruel, sentimentally romantic, constantly hilarious.)
After the play ends
1. What happened in the climax? Were you surprised or was it predictable?
2. Jot down the important ideas, themes, and/or metaphors you noticed. What did the play make you think

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