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My requirements is for the PowerPoint to be at least 20 slides. And it needs to be turned it by Saturday 05/11/2019. Are you able to make that happen for me

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FINAL PROJECT ONLINE Due by midnight the final day of class May 19
Tracking Performance History Powerpoint. Read your directions carefully and follow
them to receive the highest points possible.
This is a research project and will take time. Make sure your facts and details come
from reliable sources. No Wikipedia or encyclopedias.
Follow your instructions carefully. ​No films​. Only stage professional
Your Final Project is due the last day of Class online in blackboard. Project tab opens
final three weeks of course in Module 16.
Choose one​ of the plays we have read this semester: ​Agamemnon, Hamlet, A Doll’s
House,​ ​Dutchman, or Waiting for Godot. ​You cannot use the final two plays we are
reading because they are too contemporary.
First read the play. Write your personal response to the play and why you chose it. This
should be your second slide following the title slide with your name, title of play and
Research the play and its production history. Find out where its first production was and
when. See if you can find the first cast list and director. Find a review and see how it
was received. (most newspapers in cities have archives going back to the 1800s) Find
out if it received awards. Learn about the playwright or any controversies concerning the
play. Did it make an impact? Discover what famous actors have appeared in the play
through the years and if it assisted their careers. Were new design elements added or
new acting techniques? Then follow the path of the play until today through productions
throughout the world. These should be professional productions.
You need to identify ​four ​productions in total of the play, beginning with the initial
production. At least ​One production must be out of the United States.​ The final
production you choose should be within ​the last five years at a major professional
playhouse, no earlier than 2012)​. Find out how each production was received, if
different concepts were used and note any known actors. Was design important? In
short, track the play from its first performance to its most recent. ​Make sure there are
at least five to ten years between each production if possible.
All must be professional stage productions. No films.
Create a​ ​visual​ ​and informative Powerpoint. Be creative. Make sure your images are
interesting and your font readable. You can have as many slides as you wish, but there
must be ​a minimum of 17 slides.​ Do not cut and paste information. Create an
informative and imaginative presentation. This means no lengthy paragraphs of
information, only the significant points.
Powerpoints are visually appealing, it is not about cutting and pasting. Make sure
you choose what is important and always include visual images of those
involved, play bills, or images which reflect the production.
1. Create a title slide with your name, title of the play and playwright.
2. Slide 2 (Respond to your reading of the play, 150 word minimum) No plots. Express
your personal reaction to the play after first reading.
3. Slide 3 (a picture of the playwright and what you found out about them)
4. Slides 4 through 15
● Beginning with the first production you will create​ ​three slides or more for each
production,​ ​these should include any photos, review findings, location, dates,
cast, director, concept differences, response from critics, awards and
controversies surrounding the play performance. There must be a ​minimum of 5
to 10 years between each production.​ Was the play in each professional
production popular and well received or disliked? This may vary by time period,
culture, and cast. Make sure the most ​contemporary production is within the
last 5 years. At least one of the productions must be outside of the United
● Slide 16: You will complete your journey with a conclusion slide containing what
you found from your research about the play and its impact since the first
performance. Do you think the play is still relevant today and why? (150 word
● Slide 17: Finally you will end your Powerpoint with a reference slide, listing
your sources. Do not use Wikipedia or encyclopedias as a
source. References should be correctly formatted in MLA or APA format.
● Remember, a Powerpoint needs to be visually pleasing and font choices should
be large and readable. ​Do not cut and paste blocks of information​. Create
your points of focus. Have fun with this and explore. When complete submit to
Module 16 assignment portal as ​a microsoft powerpoint file or in google
slides (be sure to share with me if using google slides). If I cannot open the
powerpoint, I cannot score it. Test your submission and make sure it is
either a microsoft powerpoint file or (google slides). If you do not share it
with me I cannot open it.
● Be the end of the powerpoint you should have a minimum of 17 slides. You
can have as many slides over the minimum as you wish.

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