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4. Summarize the film’s strengths and weaknesses. List at least 3 strengths and
explain how they help the film. Also, list 3 weaknesses and how they might
impact the viewers of the film. 10pts
5. *****Relate the material and analyze. Make those important connections
between course content (lectures, textbook, readings, websites, discussions,
primary sources reviews, etc.) and the film. Is it realistic? It is accurate? How
does it add to or harm the historical knowledge on the topic? 60pts
This is where you should focus your research and spend the most time.
You might find these resources helpful: Prof. B. Historical Essay Video
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historical dramas, which seem highly romanticized, have kernels of truth.
Assignment: Analyze a historical film and construct a 3-5 page essay which answers the
required questions. The purpose is to examine issues the film addresses, the film’s
importance, your reaction to the film and its content, and mainly, to make critical and
analytical connections between class content, outside research and the film.
Requirements: Address these, in detail, using at least 5 outside sources for support.
3-5 pages, 12pt Times New Roman, Double Spaced, Chicago Style Footnotes, Cover
Page and Works Cited.
1. Describe the film. What historical subjects does it try to illustrate? What is
the setting? What is the plot? What is the purpose of the film? 10pts
2. Describe the major theme, or themes, of the film. Major themes include things
like “Individuality vs Society” or “Triumphing over Adversity”. You may find
this article helpful. 10pts
3. Evaluate the film itself. How was the script? The acting? The
cinematography? The production quality? Did you notice any obvious
symbolism, foreshadowing or storytelling techniques? What types of people
would this film appeal to? 10pts

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Essay review

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Captain America

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History Film Review

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