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Looking for help on my Fine Arts Appreciation writing assignment. Attached is the criteria and assignment. Thank you.

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This assignment requires you to identify, describe, and analyze some work of visual art significant to your location or
some place you have lived previously. The format of the assignment must be typed and double-spaced, must
correspond with the list of questions below, and be submitted through the link below. The length is determined by
thoroughly responding to each question. The final word count is not likely to be fewer than 500 words.
Pick any interesting work of art in the region where you currently live, or some place you have lived in the
past. “Region” can mean something like a state, the South, a country, an area where they speak a common language
or share a common culture, etc. In other words, it’s fairly broadly defined.
The work you choose should be available for the public to see. It can be a work in a museum or gallery, a significant
work of architecture, or a public monument. This excludes movies and video, unless video is incorporated into a publicly
viewed art installation.
The project must be in your own words. The first part is the only one that invites you to look up information. Everything
else should reflect your own thought process.
“Art” is understood as coming from human imagination and craft. In other words, do not choose natural objects that
have no application of human skill.
Your paper should clearly distinguish your answers. It is fine to simply number your responses, and add nothing that
does not belong in that section.
1. What work have you chosen and where is it? How old is it? Who is responsible for it? Provide relevant details about
the medium/materials. Say exactly what sources were used for this information.
2. Provide a detailed description of the work. Assume your reader has not seen it, and you are trying to recreate it in
their minds as accurately as possible.
3. Explain why you were drawn to this work.
4. Provide an analysis of the work. This should include a thesis statement and illustration or evidence to support that
statement. This should be your longest answer.
An analysis can be many things. Sometimes it is looking for some meaning in the work (what is someone trying to
say?), but it might also be a process of looking at how parts make up a whole. It might be a matter of looking at the
larger context, how the work reflects the culture or historical period it belongs to (or contradicts those). It can also be
viewed within the context of an artist’s other works.
If you find it easiest to compare the work to something appropriate, that is often a useful technique for building an
These will be graded on the following:
1. Organization – the paper should be logically arranged according to the questions provided, with each section well-
2. Development – each section should have sufficient and relevant detail and thought.
3. Clarity – I look at all elements of writing, so the paper should show attention to details like sentence structure, editing,
formatting, punctuation, word choice, and tone.
4. Subject Matter – the subject of your paper is up to you within the boundaries described, but its significance and depth
will help produce a fully developed paper.
No credit will be given to plagiarized work. See plagiarism statement.

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