Color Theory Painting About the Global Warming Presentation


1- Attached are the following:a) my painting about the global warming b) the professor instructions about what should be done in the paper and its presentation (all should be reflected on the attached painting)2- Some information about my painting:In my painting, I have applied what I’ve learned in this course. So, I applied the Transparency lesson that appears in my colors when I mixed up the red and yellow that makes orange color seen. Also, in coloring the globe Atmospheric Perspective I apply what I’ve learned in this lesson through manipulation of hue. The value and saturation Color Temperature Warm vs. Cool and this appears in terms of the warm color like yellow and the cool color like blue and green. Finally, Optical Blending’s lesson helped me show my idea of the effects of warming on the earth.I’ve also shown the names of the lessons (principles) on my painting that show where I applied each concept on the painting3- The required is:a) write a paper of 600 words about this painting in which you must reflect each point the professor mentioned on my painting. you must follow the rubric carefully here.b) Make a PowerPoint slides about it following exactly the professor instructions (attached)point out to parts you are describing of painting, also write footnote.In both paper and presentation, try to emphasize how this course (Color Theory-Fine Art) makes me understand how to effectively use colors.

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Color Theory – Final Project
Poster Design
Using acrylic paints and a full sheet of ” x ” Bristol up to ” margins are permitted),
create an ORIGINAL 3‐ hue poster for a specific culture or target group that either
A) promotes an environmental or nutrition issue or
B) serves as an advertisement for a motion picture film or novel or
C) advertises an invented product of your choice.
Use what you’ve just learned about the psychological, emotional, and cultural aspects
of color to carefully and strategically select your 3 hues. You can use up to 3 hues
including the full range of value and saturation of each. Or if you prefer, you can simply
use three solid colors with no variation in value and saturation. Use what you have
learned about simultaneous contrast or optical blending to stretch the limits of these
three hues. Black and White are acceptable as additional supplemental “colors” to your
3 chosen hues but are not required.
Do your best to incorporate what you have learned about the effects of transparency,
retinal color, tonal progressions, warmth and coolness of colors and the manipulation
of space (atmospheric perspective) to aid in the psychological and emotional impact of
your design. Use this opportunity to show me and the class the new skills you have
acquired and your knowledge about color interaction and color behavior in your poster
Research specific cultural uses of color as they pertain to your topic before you commit
to a color scheme.
You will each give a live 10 minute oral presentation to the class explaining your
concepts and designs as they pertain to your chosen topic. Give cultural background
information regarding the target audience and explain why and how you used the three
hues for your poster design. You should also explain the psychological and emotional
use of color as well as how other concepts from the semester were incorporated into
the design. You should also discuss how you executed the project using the skills and
techniques acquired during the semesters work.
In 600 words or more, explain your specific color choices giving insights into the
psychological and emotional impact of each hue. Describe how you have applied what
you have learned from this course into your final design. This includes techniques such
as transferring of found imagery, collaging, etc. as well as concepts listed below.
This paper must be typed and submitted by the final exam date. You may use your
written paper as a basis for your Zoom presentation. Use the correct terminology from
the semesters’ coursework and refer to the definitions and concepts below to discuss
how at least three of them were implemented into your poster.
Hue, Value, Saturation- Three basic characteristics of color
Tints, Tones, Shades
Tonal Progressions- colors that gradually progress from one to another
Progressive Rhythm, Alternating Rhythm, Contrast
Atmospheric Perspective- illusions of space achieved through manipulation of hue,
value and saturation
Color Temperature: Warm vs. Cool, Scale Shifting, Overlap/Diagonals
Simultaneous Contrast- colors that only appear different (due to color interaction)
when in fact they are the same
Retinal Color- color temperature shifting along with the patterns of light and
Local Color, Color Constancy, Light and Shadow
Color Harmony/Color Schemes- hues adhering to a particular color palette
Monochromatic, Triadic, Complementary, Analogous, Split Complementary,
Double Complementary, Tetradic, Quadradic
Transparency- illusions of transparency; being able to “see-through” color
Optical Blending- a color phenomenon based on color fusing that occurs in an
eye/brain interaction. A new color is created when colors optically fuse.
Optical blending
Atmospheric perspective
(warm VC Cool)

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