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Compare any two films that were viewed in class during the
Write a 2 page paper that gives an analysis of the films using
one of the theoretical approaches either discussed in class or
presented in the text book.
Note that you will need to use outside sources for this paper.
information on how to find appropriate sources, see the section
that follows titled, “How to write papers that earn better
Remember to provide clear and specific examples from the films
that you have chosen. Use the vocabulary from the book – refer
back to your notes and the textbook for help. Please feel free to
refer to the “Writing About Movies” supplement to your textbook
for reminders about the elements of academic writing about film.
Remember your audience: Do not provide a summary of the film;
we’ve already seen it.
Choose from the following approaches:
– Mimesis/catharsis
– Binary opposition
– Freudianism
– Cognitive psychology
– Marxism
– Feminism
– Cultural studies
Genre study
Grammar, spelling and attention to detail count; for every four
errors of this kind, the grade may be lowered one point.
This assignment must be typed and cite any sources using MLA
formatting. All standards of academic integrity will be applied in
grading. Plagiarism is copying work created by someone else and
presenting it as your own. Other kinds of cheating include making
up material you present as factual research and passing off work
done for another class as original work done for this class (unless
that reuse is approved by both instructors). Plagiarism on this (or
any other assignment) may result in failure of the course. Ignorance
or unfamiliarity with the rules of writing will not be accepted as
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