Concert response


you just need to pick two songs from the attached list of songs and answer the questions in the example provided
Concert Response Questions/Points:

Please list the title/ensemble and corresponding date of the MUS 121 concert you

Name one piece/movement/song at the concert (including the composer). In 2-3
sentences, with precise and specific detail, discuss the technical (dynamics, tempo, etc.)
and emotional (somber, happy, etc.) aspects of that piece/movement/song .

Name a second piece/movement/song at the concert (including the composer) that
contrasts to that of question #2. In 2-3 sentences, with precise and specific detail,
discuss the technical (dynamics, tempo, etc.) and emotional (somber, happy, etc.)
aspects of that piece/movement/song.

In 2-3 sentences, regarding what you saw at the concert: discuss the instruments
(individual and families), performers (Were they focused? Did they enjoy performing?),
and—if present—the conductor (What did you notice about this conductor?)

Overall, did you enjoy the concert? Why or why not?

Example of a GOOD Concert Response (no portion of this may be copied in part or whole):

Huxford Symphony Orchestra, October 27, 2018.

Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber. Emotionally, this piece of music was very sad. I
think it would fit well at a funeral. The piece began with a very slow tempo and quiet
dynamic (which never really changed during the piece).

“Main Theme” from Star Wars by John Williams. This work was VERY exciting with a
very triumphant emotion/character. The tempo remained fairly steady throughout.
The dynamics, however, started loud, then alternated between loud and quiet until the
piece ended (with noticeable crescendos and decrescendos connecting those sections).

The large orchestra primarily had instruments from the string family, but I also saw
brass, woodwinds, and percussion (including a timpani!). The violinists seemed like they
enjoyed performing and the tall conductor, though very serious, obviously loved getting
to conduct this concert.

Overall, I liked the concert. It had a few slower moments but was mostly intriguing! I
might not listen to this music in my car, but I wouldn’t mind listening to it while studying
attending another live concert!

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ALABAMA Arts & Sciences
Thursday, October 18, 2018
Concert Hall
12:30 pm
Fanfare for Organ
Ronald Amatt
(1930 – 2018)
Maurice Duruflé
(1902 – 1986)
From Prélude, Adagio et Choral varié
sur le theme du “Veni Creator”, Op. 4
“Choral varie”
Paul Houghtaling, Bass-Baritone
Sonata V, Op. 65
Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
(1809 – 1847)
Adagio for Strings
Samuel Barber
(1910 – 1981)
arr. William Strickland
Charles-Marie Widor
(1844 – 1937)
From 6 Duos, Op. 3
No. 1 Humoresque
No. 5 Sérénade
No. 6 Variations
Edisher Savitski, Piano
Erroll Garner
(1923 – 1977)
arr. Faythe Freese
Leo Sowerby
(1895 – 1968)
From Symphony in G Major
“Fast and Sinister”
***As a courtesy to the performers, please silence or turn off all electronic devices,
Photos or video are not permitted during the performance ***

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