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Annotated Bibilography 
On this assignment, you will need to finish the project based on the resources you found.
Final paper
Papers should develop an argument and support that argument through sustained analysis of the primary documents. The questions posed below should help guide you towards your analysis. You do not need to answer all the questions. They are included to help point you towards your argument.
The goal of the final paper is to demonstrate your ability to analyze historical documents in relationship to the period of film history that we are discussing in this course. The paper should be between 1000 to 1500 words. Be sure to indicate which prompt you are responding to!
Prompt: Spanish- and English-Language Magaznies
If you read Spanish, compare two or more issues of Cine-Mundial and/or another Spanish-language magazine digitized by the Margaret Herrick Library to two or more issues of an English-language fan magazine from the same year. 
The questions posed below should help guide you towards your analysis. You do not need to answer all the questions. They are included to help point you towards your argument.
·Do the two magazines promote the same films and stars?
·Do they pitch films in the same way?
·Do they have the same advertisers?
·How would you explain the differences between the two magazines?

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Shuang Li 1
Shuang Li
Annotated Bibliography
I chose Prompt 2: Spanish and English-language Fan Magazines
Weir, John. “Music of the Sound Screen”The new Movie Magazine, edited by Hugh Weir,
Tower Magazines Inc.,1930,p.6.
In the December issue of The New Movie Magazine, Weir promotes the film High
Society Blues and the stars in the movie Janet Gaynor and Charles Farell. Weir reviews the
musical numbers in the film and the vital role they play with the audience.
Senseney, Dan. “The mountain”Photoplay, Edited by Isabel Moore, MacFadden
Publications, Inc.,1956,p.304.
Shuang Li 2
This issue of Photoplay Magazine 1956 gives a preview of the movie The Mountain. The
article provides the film set in the French Alps and teases the cast’s danger on the cold mountain.
Winchell, Walter. “All Hail the King.” Motion Picture Herald, Edited by Martin Quigley,
Quigley Publishing Company,1937,p.19.
Winchell promotes the Warner Bros. film, starring Fernand Gravet and Joan Blondel as
the leads. In the article, Winchell provides glowing short reviews from other publications.
Shuang Li 3
Barthelmess, Richard. “Ten Years Between.” Picture Show Annual, Edited by Ronald
Coleman, London Amalgamated Press, Ltd.,1931,p.117.
The article focuses on the 1931 film Ten Years between and the ability of the actor to
give a memorable performance of wistful sympathy. Barthelmess compares the actor’s work in
this film with previous movies in which he has starred.
Shuang Li 4
Smalley, Jack. “The All-Star Story of the Coconut Grove.” Photoplay, Edited by Wallace
Campbell, Macfadden Publications, Inc.,1937,p.21.
Smalley praises Frances Dee in her role in Paramount Pictures’ romantic film Soul of the
Sea. The article expounds on the storyline and gets the reader excited to go to the theaters to
watch the film.
Shuang Li 5
Graham, Caroll. “Dawns Another Goofy Day.” Picture play Magazine, Edited by Ormond
Smith, Street & Smith Publications, 1930,p.82.
Graham gives Miriam Hopkins exquisite details in a romantic film where she plays a rich
girl who falls in love with the family chauffer. Graham reviews the film giving accolades to the
supporting cast.
Shuang Li 6
Hendrix, Helen. “The ordeal of Elvis Presley.” Screen Plus TV-Land, Edited by Ira Peck,
Popular Library Inc., 1957,p.28.
The article dives into the private life of Popular star Elvis Presley which he describes as
lonely and robbed of anything personal. Hendrix discusses Presley’s criticism from the church,
the press, and civic leaders.
Shuang Li 7

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