Create powerpoint presentation about Africa


Read the instructions and choose a topic from the listBe sure to have speaker notes, visuals and references

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Special Problems/Topic Project
Special Problems/Topic Project
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Due Wednesday by 2pm Points 65
Available until Nov 7 at 11:59pm
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There are a variety of topics that are influencing the realms of Africa. Many of these are making the news on a regular
Pick one of the following issues to research thoroughly and share your findings in a slide show (Powerpoint) or a typed paper (Word):
. Malaria
• Water Scarcity/Water Stress
Conflict Diamonds
• Wildlife Management and Tourism
• Troubles in the African Transition Zone
• Female Genital Mutilation
• Darfur Conflict
• Arab Spring
1. Explain the history of the topic
2. Showcase the countries that have experienced it (include demographics as necessary: race, age, gender, culture,
religion) – include a map
3. Explain if this issue is spreading or how it was contained
4. Illustrate the impact in other parts of the world due to the issue (Are other countries getting involved? Why?)
5. Predict the development of this issue in the future (Is there hope for change? Why or why not?)
6. Write in 3rd person (double-spaced in a paper); check capitalization, spelling, and grammar
7. Use APA citations and references
8. Should have a minimum of three solid academic references cited in APA format
9. Each slide should contain bullets of information and images to support main point (text slides only throughout the
presentation will result in less points earned.)
Projects submitted late will earn 0%, this includes assignments emailed to the instructor at/after 12:01am.

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