Cross Lake in Northern Manitoba Case Study


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GG 354OC Case Study Assignment (30% of Final Mark)
Each student will choose a northern community (e.g., Old Crow, Yukon) on which to conduct a
case study. As we work through the different lessons in this course, you will be asked to
research and find information related to the lecture topic and your chosen community (e.g.,
geology of the area, vegetation, population structure). The case study assignments will be
marked for completion. Your answers should be 500 words or less. There are 10 case study
assignments. If you complete the requested tasks you will get the associated 3%, if you do not
you will receive a zero. The links from the lecture notes provide great resources for helping you
to complete the case study assignment tasks.
Each case study assignment is due by the end of the week (Sunday at 11:59pm) that they are
associated with to the MyLearningSpace dropbox.
Case Study 1 – Week 1
Pick a northern community. Provide a map of the community.
Case Study 2 – Week 2
Investigate the seasonal temperature and precipitation data for the weather station located
closest to the community. Write a short description of the general climate for the region.
Case Study 3 – Week 3
Investigate the geomorphology of the landscape surrounding the community. Write a short
description of one of the physical parameters (i.e., landforms and glacial features, watersheds
and drainage basins, geology or soils).
Case Study 4 – Week 4
Describe the principal vegetation cover and typical wildlife of the region.
Case Study 5 – Week 6
Investigate the settlement and population characteristics of your region. Choose one of the
Prepare a population profile for the community.
Describe the services and main functions of the community.
Describe how the population of the community has changed over time.
Case Study 6 – Week 7
Describe a socioeconomic issue that your community has had to face because of development
or lack of development in the region.
Case Study 7 – Week 8
Describe the political structure or organization of your community.
Case Study 8 – Week 9
Describe the resource base of your community. Has it been developed yet? Are there plans to
develop it?
Case Study 9 – Week 11
Describe an environmental impact (or potential environmental impact) from development (or
potential development) of the resource base of your community.
Case Study 10 – Week 12
Based on what you have learned about your community, how do you feel the future outlook for
it is?

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Cross Lake

Northern Manitoba

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