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ME354: Senior Design Lab in ME
Cultural Diversity Assignment:
Due March 21, 2022
The purpose of this assignment is for students to examine how culture influences choices made while
engineering products, specifically choices with respect to operating principle or functionality of the
engineered device or system. I am interested in learning your thoughts on how culture drives the
acceptance of engineered solutions. The underlying purpose of this assignment is to assess and
reinforce Catholic social teaching on diversity, in accordance with the designation of this class as a
Liberal Studies Capstone course.
Write a two page (or longer) essay for this assignment (to be submitted as a Word document, doublespaced, 12-point font). The general topic is “assess culltural issues that drive a specific engineered
product which is accepted in the US to suffer from lack of acceptance in an identified dissimilar culture.”
It is for you to identify the product and the dissimilar comparator culture. Responses will be judged
based upon

originality of identified subject and/or comparison culture,
apparent factuality of information (This is not a research paper, but neither can it be based upon
cultural myths and legends) and
quality of the writing
1) Choose a set of comparator cultures. One must be US (or some part of the US, such as Cajun
Louisiana) and the other must be distinctly different. Nominally, this would be outside the US,
but so long as the two are markedly different in identifiable cultural ways, the two make a
valid pairing for this assignment.
2) Pick a broad subject of engineering interest that is a common concern for many cultures.
Within that broad subject area, identify some engineered item that is commonly accepted in
one of your cultures, but is NOT commonly accepted in the other. This item will be your
subject item.
3) For your subject item, identify what is its root purpose, and how that purpose is served in
your comparator “other” culture. Compare and contrast the solutions, and hypothesize
cultural reasons why the item might not be an accepted solution to the same problem in that
other culture. Defend your hypotheses with reasoned arguments or facts.
For the purpose of this assignment, do not consider economic aspects. What is of far more interest are
items of, for example, religiously-, socially-, or politically-driven differences.
You may also consider implications of currently emerging technology/products, and how you believe
these might be differently perceived in your chosen comparator cultures.
this paper is for engineering class, but he is a asking for a cultural
differences in engineered items: I chose Alcohol consumption.
two places to compare: United States and Saudi Arabia
United States consumes alcohol very much
Saudi Arabia does not consume alcohol for several logical reasons such
as religious reason which not permitted in Islam and Alcohol is not
culturally accepted. ( I am from Saudi Arabia )
Compare both using the instruction that is attached from the professor

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