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History 108
Early American History
Study Guide Questions – Topic #2
The Making of Colonial America
1. Explain why England was a latecomer in the Age of Exploration. Trace
how Henry VII founded the Tudor Dynasty.
2. What was the purpose and result of the 1497-98 John Cabot voyage?
3. What was the European Protestant Reformation?
4. Describe how the English throne passed to Henry VIII upon the death of
his brother Arthur.
5. Because of the circumstances of his first marriage, explain why Henry
VIII brought Protestantism to England.
6. Who were the children from Henry VIII’s first three marriages?
Describe also their religious beliefs.
7. Describe the personal and leadership traits of England’s Queen Elizabeth
8. Explain the conflict between Queen Elizabeth I and Spanish King
Philip II.
9. Who were the “sea dogs” like Sir Francis Drake? Describe Drake’s
exploration accomplishment.
10. Describe the early English exploration effort of Sir Humphrey Gilbert.
11. Trace the background and events of the ill-fated Roanoke Colony.
Discuss the roles of Sir Walter Raleigh and John White.
12. Describe the impact of the Spanish Armada on the future of the New
13. Describe the history and development of the Jamestown colony. List
some disadvantages the colonists faced that could have prevented colonial
14. Discuss the background, role, and efforts of John Smith within the
Jamestown colony.
15. Discuss the background and contributions of Pocahontas and her
father Chief Powhatan.
16. Trace the events in Jamestown from 1609-1614. Look at warfare
between the Jamestown settlers and the Powhatan Indians and the
relationship between Pocahontas and John Rolfe.
17. Describe and explain the significance of two major events in
Jamestown in 1619.
18. Define and describe the core religious beliefs of Puritanism.
19. Differentiate the beliefs and goals between the mainstream Puritans
and the Separatists.
20. Trace the 1620-21 voyage of the Pilgrims from Holland to Plymouth
Colony in Massachusetts.
21. Within the Plymouth Colony, describe and explain the importance of:
a) Mayflower Compact:
b) William Bradford:
c) Samoset:
d) Squanto:
e) Massasoit:
22. What was the Great Puritan migration (1630s and 1640s)?
23. What was the importance of John Winthrop in the Massachusetts Bay
Colony? Explain the meaning behind the phrase “city upon a hill.”
24. Describe the New England Puritan views of society, law and
25. Trace the history of Roger Williams, his beliefs and how he founded
Rhode Island.
26. Trace the origins, events and significance in New England history of
King Philip’s War (1675-76).
27. Trace the origins, events and aftermath of the Salem Witchcraft Trials
(1692). What are some theories why this event occurred?
28. Give brief histories on the founding of these English colonies. Look at
specific founders, economic or social motivations or actual takeovers:
a) Maryland:
b) Carolinas:
c) Pennsylvania:
d) New York and New Jersey:
e) Delaware:
f) Georgia:
g) Connecticut and New Hampshire:

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Catholics and Protestants

European Protestant Reformation

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