De Anza College Drawing Experience Sea Creatures Doodle Journal Entry Practice


PART 1 Doodle Journal Tour video 

You can hold your phone, or you can ask someone to make a video while you are flipping through the pages and talking about your work.
Be natural, just talk as if you are talking to your friends. It’s a very informal video. 
Flip through all the pages, tell stories, comment on your work, share the experience.
If you want you can do some editing.
Upload your video to your Youtube channel. If you don’t have one, please create it.
Embed your submission into the assignment page or provide a link to the video. If last time you used Studio and you liked it, please do the same.
Write a short 150 word paragraph answering the following questions:

– How did you overcome an artist block while working on the Doodle Journal? (What did you do when you didn’t know what to draw?)

– What was the most revealing about you during the process?

– Which possibilities of the Doodle Journal did you not explore?

– Are you going to continue to keep a Journal or are you so glad that this assignment is over? (be honest) 

PART 2   Final Portfolio 
Please look at all your drawings, choose 5 best ones (if you were advised to make some changes, please do so; if the quality of your images was poor, please take new pictures; pay attention to the cropping, don’t leave any extra border of the background or paper binding visible) arrange them in chronological order.

Take photographs of your 5 best pages from the Doodle Journal, arrange them in chronological order.
Write a short 150-200 words summary of your experience:

What worked for you, what didn’t during the course?

What did you learn about drawing and yourself?

Do you see progress in your drawing skills? Can you be more specific and point out what area(s) were improved?

Which project (not the concept or technique) was your favorite? Which one didn’t you like? Why?

drawing skills

Drawing Experience

artist block

Doodle Journal

sea creature

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