Difference Between a Criminal Face and An Innocent Citizen Visual Literacy


Write your Five-Minute Paper on the above exercise. Where you able to discern the “criminal face” or does the structure, form, and lighting make this a difficult task?I have compiled a file with some examples of pictures, I hope you can add it to the paperAlso, be sure to review the Five-Minute Paper Rubric immediately below( in the files) before you begin writing so you know how you will be graded on this assignment. 1. I was surprised to learn that…
2. My perception of this topic BEFORE today was…
3. One “impact” this issue might have on society is…

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Back in 1947, Life magazine conducted a sociological experiment among its readers. It was
curious to see if readers could tell the difference between a criminal face and an innocent
citizen. Life shot 28 “mug shot” photos of 14 criminals and 14 mystery writers using the same
basic background, lighting, and focal length.
After this test, I guessed wrong many people whether they were criminals or writers
Mainly emphasized that it is difficult to distinguish whether a person is actually a criminal or a
mysterious writer after seeing the photo
Five-Minute Papers Rubric
Your five-minute papers will be graded using the following criteria.
5 – Student didn’t follow the cut & paste guidelines and/or did not
answer all of the questions; response is irrelevant, superficial and
cursory. Not much substance.
8 – Guidelines are followed; two of the three questions are
answered, responses are somewhat relevant to the assignment.
Student demonstrates some critical thinking.
10 – Guidelines are followed and all questions are answered;
response is insightful and relevant to assignment. Student
definitely demonstrates critical thinking. Response is brief but has

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Criminal Face

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