Ecosystem Ecology and Noise Pollution Research Paper


The complete work is for 5 people. You just have to do my part, The topic is noise pollution, I am responsible for introduction and ecosystem ecology
the intro would be 2 pages and the ecosystem ecology could be 3 pages total of 5 pages
so you have to just do thatIt is a team project
You have to read the word document I sent you to have an idea about what are you doing

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Current Event Environmental Projects
Students in their assigned teams (posted on Canvas) will work on their assigned topic.
Each team of 5 will prepare a report that may not exceed 10 pages, including a cover
page*, table of contents*, references* and any figures, tables (i.e., single-spacing, 12
point font, one-inch margins). Your grade will be based on accuracy and
completeness; overall organization, neatness, editorial accuracy; group participation (in
part determined by your group evaluation). If you do not contribute substantially to the
project each individual may experience a deduction in points from the final projectwhich would not affect the final grade for the other group members.
*required components
Your paper will be constructed like a literature review. You will provide an overview of
an environmental challenge approached in a very systematic way. To the best of your
ability you will need to provide a well-rounded argument presenting both the Pro’s and
Cons of a particular issue, and the important issues around that topic including the
causes and consequences of the impact. Presenting the Pros and Cons may not be
easy for all topics- but it is something that needs to be addressed. If you are unable to
find an economic, societal, or environmental “pro” than you need to state that. The
paper needs to be scientifically based and all facts must be cited and pulled from the
scientific literature.
Each student will be responsible for an independent component of the project. Unless
arranged with me, the independent components will consist of 5 of the below
topics: Each student in the group will pick one unique component (1-6).
1) Organismal biology (can include physiological/ behavioral effects);
2) Population ecology
3) Community ecology
5) Landscape ecology or global
4) Ecosystem ecology
6) cultural/economic/social
For each level of biological organization, you want to approach the topic from that point
of view or the effects of your particular stressor on that particular level of biological
In addition, there needs to be an overall introduction to the topic and a
synthesis/conclusion that should be assembled by the entire team. Students will be
required to evaluate their partners at the end of the project.
Independent components should be completed by Nov 17th, this allows the group
time to assimilate specific components and assemble the introduction and
synthesis/conclusions as a team. You will be evaluated as a team but individual
grades maybe adjusted based on the group evaluations and individual portions of the
You are ONLY allowed to cite/reference 3 non-peer review publications (i.e. books,
reports web-sites for your ENTIRE Paper) and EVERY section must contain references
to 2 or more peer review publications. Points will be deducted from your final grade for
each web-site reference over the allowed 3.
Final product will include
1) Cover page (title and names of group members- indicating which component each
individual was responsible for) with table of content
3) Body of text which includes the individual contributions- these must be blended togethernot just cut and pasted into the paper.
Group member evaluations (this will exceed the 10 page limit)
Citing and referencing articles:
Reference section
References should be arranged first alphabetically and then further sorted
chronologically. Each reference should be listed on a separate line in the following
Reference to a journal publication:
Van der Geer, J., Hanraads, J.A.J., Lupton, R.A., 2010. The art of writing a scientific
article. J. Sci. Commun. 163, 51-59.
Reference to a book:
Strunk Jr., W., White, E.B., 2000. The Elements of Style, fourth ed. Longman, New
Reference to a chapter in an edited book:
Mettam, G.R., Adams, L.B., 2009. How to prepare an electronic version of your article,
in: Jones,
B.S., Smith , R.Z. (Eds.), Introduction to the Electronic Age. E-Publishing
Inc., New York, pp. 281-304.
Reference in a web-site:
The Internet Movie Database., Inc, 2009. Web. 29 Oct. 2009.
Journal abbreviations source
Journal names should be abbreviated according to the List of Title Word
Abbreviations: (Links to
an external site.).
In text citations:
For articles with:
One author (Smith 1990);
Two authors: (Smith and Weston 1990)
Three or more authors (Smith et al. 1990)
All group members must fill an evaluation out for EACH member of their
team. Evaluations must be affixed to the final project report. Example of Group Partner
Group Partner Evaluations
1) Your name:__________________________________________
2) Group member name:__________________________________
3) What was the topic responsibility of this member:____________________________
3) Did they provide their material by the Nov.
12th deadline?____________________________
4) Please rank THEIR effort on the overall project:
Did not
Very helpful
5) Please rank YOUR effort on the overall project:
Did not
Very helpful

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Noise pollution

Ecosystem Ecology

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