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Step 1 (no marks): Select one of three environmental problems
Select one of the three following environmental problems you wish to focus on for the remainder of this
examination, and underline it. Delete the other two.
Climate change (focus on the impacts of rising average temperatures, including sea level rise)
Water pollution (includes chemical toxins, organic wastes, and plastic waste)
Step 2 (worth 5 marks): Describe the key causes of the problem
Question: In 250 words or less, use the formula I = P x A x T to explain how human activity is causing the
environmental problem you selected. Enter your answer immediately below.
Step 3 (worth 4 marks): Links to biodiversity
Question: In 150 words or less, describe how biodiversity is affected by the environmental problem you selected.
Enter your answer immediately below.
Step 4 (worth 5 marks): Human impacts of the problem
Question: In 250 words or less, use the formula V = f(E,S,A) to explain how the environmental problem you
selected affects people. Provide specific examples wherever possible. Enter your answer immediately below.
Step 5 (worth 5 marks): Local impacts
Question: Enter your home address in the space below (important: for this question “home” = the place you
consider to be home; if you have moved to a new address to attend university, do not use that address). Then, if
you selected water pollution, describe a specific example of one type of water pollution that occurs in your home
town or city (if you live in a rural area, use your home county). If you selected climate change, describe 1 specific
future impact you and your neighbours OR your local government will be forced to deal with in coming years. If
you selected deforestation, describe how the forest cover in your home town, city and/or surrounding region has
changed in the last 100 years. Note that you are not required to do significant extra research to answer this
question unless you truly don’t know an example; you are allowed to draw upon your own local experience and
knowledge in answering this question.
My home address:
My answer to this question (in 200 words or less):
Step 6 (worth 6 marks): Possible actions for responding to the problem
Question: Identify 3 specific actions that could be taken by each of the following actors to address the
environmental problem you selected (you do not need to provide a lengthy description; use no more than 1-2
sentences for each). For each action you list, provide immediately after it a citation to a page in your textbook, a
slide number in a narrated PPT from the course, or the date of a class Zoom meeting where the action was
described (see Instruction Sheet for examples on how to cite).
List 3 actions that could be taken by the Government of Canada (or, if you are an international student, by the
national government of your home country):
List 3 actions that could be taken by local governments and/or non-governmental organizations:
Final step (Step 7, worth 5 marks): Personal contribution to a complete solution
Question: Type out the definition of a “complete solution” as it was used in the final Zoom meeting of the course.
Then, in 200 words or less, describe 1 specific decision, commitment or action you personally could undertake to
address the environmental problem you selected, and explain how/why it would be a “complete solution”.
A complete solution is:
A decision, commitment or action that I personally could take is as follows:

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climate change

climatic conditions

Polar Regions

expanding ocean

increased flooding

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