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– Need more than 3 references.- The referencing style we use is the Harvard style, and please do not use fake references.- I hope to get a very high level essay and get a great mark.- All requirements are in the attactchment.

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Scene Analysis: Additional Instructions
The purpose of this assessment is to develop a sharper understanding of the dominant visual
language of cinematic and televisual drama, which is known as the Classical Hollywood
Style. So, to do this assignment you need to carefully read the account of this style by Robert
A. Kolker
. Armed with this, select a scene from E.T.
What is a scene?
The term is a little ambiguous, but basically it is a segment of unified action from within a film or
television show. Usually it takes place in a single location. But you might also have a ‘car chase
scene’ or a ‘battle scene’ that is moving all about. But for this exercise, choose a continuous
sequence of approximately 1-3 minutes’ duration. Typically, a scene will be made up of multiple
shots, which are edited together to create the scene. Shots and edits are discussed by Kolker,
who notes they are the key elements of cinema. Pay attention to these in your analysis. One of
the things that this opening part of the unit is doing (and this assessment is testing) is trying to get
some consistent terms that we can use to analyse screen dramas.
The main thing in this assessment is that you have the capacity (1) to be carefully observant (notice
the multitude of things that are happening in the scene), and (2) to offer an account of the effects of
these various components and how they constitute the meaning* in the scene.
Please don’t find some scene analysis of ET on the internet and cut and paste it – that’s the main
way you would fail this assessment. If the work’s your own and you can express your thoughts,
you will pass.
And remember that the task is in this case a scene-analysis, not a general discussion of the film.
Scene Analysis: Marking Rubric
HD 80-100%
D 79-79%
CR 60-69%
P 50-59%
N 0-49%
The analysis maintains a clear
perspective. The body of the
analysis lucidly articulates a
critical position with reference to
the scene, and applies relevant
and illuminating theories or
concepts to the scene analysed.
The analysis cogently and
persuasively analyses the
themes and/or issues raised by
the scene, supported by
examples drawn from the scene
as well as relevant references to
other literature and scholarship.
The conclusion leaves the
reader with a memorable final
point that illuminates the scene’s
formal, generic and thematic
The analysis maintains a
clear perspective. The body
introduces and explains the
concepts and themes
relevant to the critical
analysis, and elaborates on
the themes and/or issues in
the scene with the support of
pertinent examples. The
conclusion provides a concise
and focused review of the
content and value of the
scene though may be lacking
in wider significance or a
successfully integrated point
of view.
The analysis indicates a
critical position on some
aspect of the scene
analysed. The body
provides an interpretive
framework with some but
not entirely sufficient
support from examples in
the scene. The conclusion
brings the analysis to an
appropriate close but
tends to recapitulate
rather than drawing
attention to the wider
critical significance of the
scene analysed.
The analysis correctly
identifies the scene and
other sources, but does
not clearly indicate a
critical position on the
scene analysed. The
body gives only partial or
confusing criteria for a
critical assessment of the
scene and does not
convince as to the
relevance of those criteria
to the themes and ideas
in the scene. The
conclusion may be weak,
repetitive or missing.
The analysis
fails to isolate
features of the
scene. The body
does not
develop a critical
position. No
plan is evident.
The tone and style is lucid,
engaging, nuanced and
illuminating without being blandly
neutral or overly opinionated.
Free of grammatical, lexical
(choice of vocabulary) and
typographical errors.
The tone and style is lucid
and effective. Mostly free of
grammatical, lexical,
typographical errors.
The writing style is
competent, and mostly
free of awkward
structures or phrasing.
Structural and stylistic
defects may make it
difficult to read, but it
The writing is
poor and unclear
with frequent
errors in areas
such as spelling,
syntax, sentence
Comprehension and analysis
Draws from the secondary
literature, demonstrating
thoughtfully considered research
of themes and ideas beyond
those introduced in the lectures.
Concepts are clearly and
concisely described and
analysed in a way that
expresses an understanding of
the relevant generic context and
the creative purposes of the
scene. The analysis is able to
effectively position itself in
relation to scholarly debates and
engage in informed,
sophisticated critical analysis of
the scene that is supported by
evidence from the text.
Evaluation provides a connected
interpretation, linking various
aspects of the scene with insight.
The interpretation provides a
nuanced analysis of the
significance of the scene.
Draws from the secondary
literature beyond the lectures.
Able to conceptualise and
justify a point of view through
germane interconnections
between the ideas and
themes explored. Evidence of
depth of understanding is
demonstrated through
succinct details highlighting
key points and themes drawn
from the scene. Analysis
shows evidence, with some
limitations, of reasoned
judgment and pertinent
analysis of the scene
supported by research.
Draws from the literature
beyond the lectures to
support conceptualisation
of ideas. While a sound
level of research may be
undertaken, comments
about the theme/s or
issues presented in the
scene may be generalized
and descriptive rather
than specific and
evaluative. Includes
limited but accurate
interpretive approach, and
pertinent but insufficiently
comparative or
conceptual evaluation of
formal properties or
issues presented in the
A limited understanding of
concepts. Evidence of
understanding is limited
to accurate but
descriptive summaries
and limited analysis within
existing frameworks of
interpretation. Evidence
of analysis and evaluation
at the superficial level
with little evidence of
comparative and/or
conceptually informed
approaches that help to
integrate the analysis.
of concepts
introduced in the
unit literature is
poor or
Appropriate MLA works cited
referencing and in-scene citation
is used.
Appropriate MLA referencing
and in-scene citation is used
with minor errors.
Some distracting errors in
MLA referencing.
May have significant MLA
& typographical errors.
Resubmission may be
Does not
conform to the
MLA guidelines.
may be required.

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