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Rubric and essay details are located in PDF file I have attached.

This essay should be 1-1.5 pages double spaced. 
If you choose a long research article, then you can write up to 2 full pages.
There is no heading requirement for this paper, (it is optional).

(APA format)

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Using one research article found through the FAU library website, review a specific behavior
from one of the approved topics that have already been reviewed in class:
1. Bird song and song learning.
2. Food storing behavior in birds like the Pinyon Jay or Clark’s nutcracker.
3. Find a comparative study about brood parasites and how their behavior differs from that
of other birds.
4. Find a paper about the password hypothesis in some bird species.
5. Find a paper about a supergene that affects a behavioral phenotype.
6. Begging behavior in chicks and feeding behavior of the parents.
7. The song of the Plainfin Midshipman fish.
8. Behavior of moths and bats: specifically auditory reception of ultrasound in moths or the
tiger moth that can emit ultrasound to avoid the bats.
9. Why UV light is important to bees and butterflies.
10. Tool use in animals. (Will be reviewed in module 5).
11. Circadian or circannual rhythm or the photosensitivity hypothesis (how changes in
photoperiod affect behavior.) (Will be reviewed in module 5).
12. Why some animals live in groups to avoid predators or the adaptations solitary animals
have to avoid predators or the optimal foraging theory. (Will be reviewed in module 6).
Describe the behavior, how the research was done, and what were the findings. You should
be using a research article that has an experimental design (sometimes experimental designs
are combined with observational experiments in the field). Don’t use a review article which
summarizes research. Summarize the research paper in your own words in 3 paragraphs
minimum (an introductory paragraph, a paragraph explaining the methods, a paragraph
explaining the results). You do not need to review any statistical tests.
Essay Rubric
Grammar and spelling
Within 1-1.5 page range
APA style reference
Is the research paper related to an approved
Describe the behavior/behaviors based on the
research paper you have chosen. Be specific:
what is the behavior and why is that behavior
being done by the animal (Introductory
State the hypothesis of the study. If it is not
stated directly in the paper, state what you
think is the hypothesis of the study.
(Introductory paragraph)
How are researchers studying the behavior:
by field observation, by experiments, or by
the comparative approach. Explain in a few
sentences. ( 2nd paragraph)
Briefly summarize the methods of the study
in your own words. ( 2nd paragraph)
What were the results or findings of the
study? (3rd paragraph)
Do the findings contribute to a proximate
explanation of behavior or an ultimate
explanation of behavior? Explain why and be
specific. (3rd paragraph) [Remember that a
proximate explanation of behavior refers to a
physiological, neurobiological, anatomical, or
genetic/developmental mechanism behind the
behavior] [An ultimate explanation refers to
understanding the evolutionary history or
adaptive function of the behavior]
Total: 50

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