Film Responses


Responses should be about 400-500 words. They do not have to be very formal (e.g., you
can use “I”), but they should be in paragraphs that relate to one another. You do not need to
use time codes for citing examples from the film texts; simply state something like “in the
scene in which…” to orient the reader.You should answer one of the following questions (although you may discuss topics that are
tangentially related to the question if you find them interesting). You can answer the same
question in two responses, but you should not answer the same one for all three. 1. Identify two or three key aesthetic elements of the film (aspects of sound, mise-enscène, cinematography, editing, or narrative structure). First, describe the element(s)
as precisely as you can. Use technical terms if you know them, and if you don’t, simply
be as precise with your adjectives as you can be. Second, state how the aesthetics
affect the story. For example, the same story may have quite a different impact in a
slow-paced film than in a fast-paced film.
2. What aspect(s) of society/culture appear powerfully in the film? How does the film
reflect on this/these aspect(s)? That is, what does the film teach you or have to say
about particular social or cultural conditions or events? Give evidence of specific
moments in the film. 3. Discuss the genre of the film (you can define genre however you want – documentary
vs. fiction, detective film vs. rom-com, children’s vs. adult film, etc.). What are the key
features of the film that make you categorize the film this way? Does it seem a typical
example of its genre, or quite unusual? How so? You can but do not have to discuss
other films that may have influenced or been influenced by this film.
4. What kind of an audience does the film appear to have been made for? For example,
does it seem to be accessible to an international audience, or does it make
assumptions that the audience will have certain, specific cultural or historical
knowledge? Does it speak to all ages, or is it addressed specifically to adults? Does it
address an audience with a lot of institutionalized education, or a less formally
educated audience? Give evidence of specific moments in the film or specific aspects
of the film.

here is the file link: Reading: Sengoopta on Pather Panchali:

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