follow the requirement and then write a paper


follow the requirement and then write a paper about 2-3 pages

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Research and Presentation
Culture in American Film
Select a research topic covering an analysis of the perspectives and
contributions of African Americans, Native Americans, Chicano/Latino
Americans, Asian Americans, and/or other cultures groups, including Euro-
American, Jewish American, Irish American, and Arab American to contemporary
American life through the study of film. This paper is designed as a research
project and students are expected to go beyond the level of information found in
the course. The body of the text must be a minimum of 1000 words. Students
must find a minimum of three sources for this paper. The body of the text
includes a thesis, relevant examples, integration of research, conclusion and
merit of original premise; punctuation; grammar; bibliography; citations, and can
include the use of images. Paper (to include your name and team name) will be
handed in on day of your presentation.
A Statement outlining your Thesis/Argument/POV (Point of View)
Your name
Your Team
Three points to support your Thesis/POV – could include:
Research findings, observations, and examples.
Statements could include quotes, poetry or other readings.
Visual supported by: PowerPoint.
A statement outlining what you would like to see happen, or not happen,
change, or not change, that might make a difference in cultural representations
in American film.
Each team member will present on the same day. Team members will present as
individuals. Individuals have four minutes to make their argument supported by
PowerPoint. Please bring presentation visuals to class on a USB Thumb-Drive.

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analysis of film


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