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use the previose report you did for me to create this presentation and don’t exceed more then 1000 words The Presentation must include: TitleIntroductionInfluence of safety practices on safety outcomes within a workplace. ( very important ) Breach of Omani Ministerial Decree No 286/2008 from poor safety practices. ( very important ) Conclusions and recommendationsReferences ( use the same references ) # follow the instructions on the guidelines section

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Safe workplace environment
In every workplace safety is a crucial aspect in ensuring a smooth run of the activities in the
respective organization. A perfect workplace is essential for every employee in the industry
because every employee desire is to work in a protected and safe environment. The working
environment in a company encompasses all factors that impact the safety, well-being, and health
of its employees. The factors consist of; unsafe working conditions, environmental hazards, drug
and alcohol abuse, and violence at the workplace. Failure to implement individual policies on
safety can cause serious consequences. According to Katie Martinelli’s journal on “consequences
of poor health and Safety “reluctant in safety measures can be disastrous for the company’s
business, clients, and employees, (Katie,2017). Some of the risks the firm is exposed to are; Failure
to install adequate health and safety procedures can result in serious injuries or fatalities. The workrelated injuries or illness not only puts the employee out of work for a while, but it can also affect
their quality of living. Occasionally it also damages the business productivity and its reputation,
which sometimes is difficult to recover from. Matters of violence and drug abuse also affect the
workers giving it a hard time in delivering to their expectations, therefore affecting their
productivity. The various mentioned risks may arise as a failure of the management or individual
employee’s responsibilities. Many of the workplaces pose this kind of challenge, and therefore
there is a need for the monitoring body to help the workers in seizing the respective challenges.
The safety measure is monitored nationally by the Occupation Safety and Health
Administration(OSHA). This organization has three mentioned goals that serve as the cornerstone
of its policies and regulations in terms of; improving the safety and the health workers, as evident
by reducing the hazards, illness, injuries, and fatalities. It is also responsible for changing the
workplace culture to create awareness to the workers on issues on the commitment and their
involvement in safety and health. Additionally, it builds public confidence through the excellent
development and delivery of their programs and services. Moreover, the federal guidelines impose
by this agency are complimented by state policies that are often tougher than their own.
Factors influencing safety measures in the workplace
For a smooth and comfort of the employees, several factors are put in place to ensure safety is met
during their work. The measures create awareness by predicting their outcomes, therefore
developing methods of tackling such outcomes. The following are some of the factors put into
consideration for a safe work environment. Accident investigation; Occupational safety is an
essential concern for all workers worldwide who are the majority in contributing to economic
growth. According to the World Health Organization WHO released a report on labor health
hazards in the recent past there is a drop in accidents causing injuries and fatalities with a margin
of about 23% (WHO,2020). For an instant, this might have raised due to proper research on the
accidents, therefore developing better measures in managing the situation. According to a study
done by the Canadian Centre for Occupation Health and Safety(CCOHS), an investigation of
accident occurrence determines the causes and identifies prevention actions. The employer in
consultation with the Joint health and safety committee(JHSC)determines who to take the
investigation at the workplace. The person made to conduct the investigation should be trained for
this task and may include the JHSC member or a health and safety representative. Significantly all
the employers with twenty or more employees are required to add to include a system responsible
for the investigation of hazardous incidences as part of their health and safety programs. The JHSC
participates in the investigation, especially for the incidences that arise from the workplace. The
workplace incident investigation has several procedures comprising of; prompt initial response
and giving first aid calling of emergency services. Identifying sources of evidence such as
witnesses, scene, physical items, and collection of documents related to the incident is also an
essential aspect. Additionally, the analysis of findings and documentation of all phases of the
investigation files up the full procedure. For a scene that probably reports critical injuries or
fatalities, it’s advisable not to interfere with until it’s cleared by work safe health officers for the
evidence of compensation factor. However, in some circumstances, the people around the
incidence may be advised to attend to the situation under a health officer order to prevent further
injuries or protection of endangered property as a result of the accident. A properly conducted
investigation gives the affected persons prominent medical attention and fair compensation from
their respective insurance agencies.
Inspection; Worksite safety inspections are a vital part of the worker’s injury prevention efforts if
done well. According to Cary Usrey journal on “Occupational Health and Safety, this process acts
as a part of the traditional landscape of compressive health and safety plan, (Cary, 2017). Someone
within the organization regularly sets out procedures to observe, identify, and rectify the hazards.
Safety has been set as a policy in the organization the inspection is done as a compliance factor.
OSHA usually has a clear imperative that employers are required to provide their employees with
at their places of work. The imperative is free from recognizable hazards that are likely to cause
serious injuries or death to the workers. Therefore, the worksite inspection act as the drive to record
the hazards and their documentation amendments. Cary described the aspect of doing the
inspection to be carried out in a circular pattern as follows; plan, do study, and act. The plan factor
defines the purpose and set of expectations. For the done factor, it defines an inspection strategy,
collection of observation, and performance of the initial correction. The study factor periodically
reviews the data collected and the identification of gaps and trends. Finally, the acting factor gives
feedback, develops action plans, and make data-driven decisions. The above inspection cycle
allows continuous improvement in the safety program of the organization giving the workers and
their employers a more comfortable environment to undertake their duties.
communication; Communication is the most effective tool in any face of business with workplace
safety as a non-expectation. For the transition to take place, companies are eligible in enforcing
the communication measures either through a direct person’s communication or media. According
to Steven Chang’s article on safety communication for today’s workforce, Billions of dollars are
spent every year by American companies regarding their safety measures communication being
one of them, (Chang 2016). In June 2015 many companies were given a wake-up call when OSHA
announced a crackdown on healthcare facilities resulting from an epidemic of preventable fatalities
and injuries among the workers. For many of the companies, it’s then whereby the implementation
of safety communication becomes a core value in their business. The implementation of
communication measures such as guidelines, rules, warnings, goals, and progressive reports to the
workers through media has led to effective delivery. With the embrace of this digital means of
communication, the companies can reach 100% of their employees, whether at the field or their
desks. The communication on matters such as forklifts, electric wiring methods, guarding
openings, fire expand respiratory protection keeps the employees updated in case of any hazard.
The focus towards this safety workplace not only improves worker’s morale but also the index
returns on the investments.
Safety training; Workplace learning aims to provide the company’s workforce with the knowledge
and skills in safely performing their work and their co-workers. Additionally, an effective
workplace safety plan includes instructions and guidelines to identify the hazards, report, and deal
with the incidents. As an employer, legal responsibility is required to instruct their works on how
to perform safely and more healthily before they ascend to their duties, unlike traditionally their
modern’s ways of equipping the employees with the knowledge through a first and convenient
manner. The use of the internet and improved social media is responsible for this. According to
the OSHA, the awareness of the safety measure has multiple benefits to both the employees and
their employers. Amongst the key benefits, lowering of the insurance premiums takes a more
significant concern, followed by less productivity loss due to illness or injuries. Additionally, the
training also higher the employee’s satisfaction equipping them with the required knowledge on
the hazards. Furthermore, the training also reduces worker compensation for medical leave as a
result of work-related injuries and illnesses. Generally, all these measures keep employees’ health,
happiness, and more productivity OSHA 2007 policies and regulations. The regulations can
identify and oversights that if left unattended, could lead to costly and tragic workplace injuries or
fatalities. An audit can also prove to be an essential tool in designing a new safety plan in case of
an unsuccessful. Safety audits; Conducting a workplace audit is a more compressive parameter for
a company to gauge their, effectiveness, efficiency, and legitimacy of its health and safety
management system. However, it ensures that the business remains in compliance with the
covering of the employee’s weaknesses in their safety program. It’s a requirement by OSHA for
every employer to carry out a health and safety audit in their workplace in a period of the end of
every twelve months. The audit is primarily required to be done by a safety and health expert. The
expert is therefore required to issue a report of such audit containing the prescribed particular as
per the OSHA policies and send a copy to the director. Safety audits are of great benefit to the
company regarding health safety in the following ways; It identifies risks in the workplace as well
as the levels of those risks, Identifying strengths and weaknesses in safety processes. The audit
also ensures adequate resources are available to manage workplace health and safety. Additionally,
the audit helps out to eliminate unsafe practices and hazards therefore giving the workers and their
employers a comfortable working environment.
Effects and impacts of breaching practices from local legislation
As a way of implementing safety measures the legal legislation in the year, 2008 came up with a
well-organized compact policy, namely (Ministerial decree no 286/2008) to manage the situation.
The invention of the policies was purposely made in respect to the OSHA guidelines on their
mandate to protect the workers from injuries. The compact provision was subdivided into
respective articles with each individual addressing measures to inhibit the accident occurrences.
Firstly, the policy emphasized on the article that dwelt with the general arrangement of the
worksite. Generally, the layout the concern on the size of the building, equipment, drainage
systems, furniture’s and the emergency facilities were a point of concern. Additionally, the
employer has a responsibility to ensure that in terms of structural factors such as lighting,
ventilation, Noise management, and provision of fresh drinking water are to be well-taken care of.
A Business with the above-mentioned condition creates a conducive environment for the workers
by enabling them to work from their comfort; therefore, effective delivery is met. Secondly, the
legislation emphasizes on the matter of precautions against hazards. The employer is therefore
required to provide necessary methods and pieces of equipment for fighting hazards such as fire,
mechanical and electric risks. In the case of fire outbreaks, the building should be well equipped
with good fire-resistance materials such as fire extinguishers, emergency exits, splitting stalls that
contain inflammable materials, fire assembly, and a fire alarm. I for the case of electric and
mechanical damages the premises should undergo often check up on the machinery and the electric
connectivity. Additionally, the machines which might cause vibration and noise s should be fixed
in isolated areas to avoid misfortunes. With good preparation for the hazards, it gives the institution
to work in a safer environment making it easier to act upon in case of accidents. The issue of
transportation is also a key emphasis on ensuring the safety of the workers. In this case, including
transportation such as the use of lift should be well taken care of with proper and regularly
mechanical checkup of the lift status to avoid accidents in case of a mechanical breakdown. In case
of a far distance that might involve the use of vehicles, certain measures are put in place to ensure
the workers’ safety. Amongst the measures includes licensing of the buses and provision of all
safety and first aid equipment in the buses. Additionally, drivers should be well trained and have
a driving license. The implementation of the above ensures there is the assurance of compensation
in case of an accident. Health enhancing in the workplace is also another addressed issue.
Promoting healthy food and physical activities in workplaces minimizes unhealthy habits. The
employer is therefore advisable to develop a mechanism on the health matters of their employees.
For instance, regular checkups are encouraged to the employees with pre-existing chronic diseases
to keep watch on their fitness. This gives austerity of the health status of the respective employees
therefore giving them a comfortable working environment without fear of any shortcomings.
Women have been a venerable gender in the community their affairs should also be well-taken
care of. The employer must observe not to employ a woman in any condition that may expose
them to material factors or occupation practices that contradict women’s psychological capacities
with a negative impact on safe delivery. In conjunction with this, the employer is also required of
protecting the disabled in the workplace. The employer is required to provide a work environment,
tools, and equipment that favors disabled workers. This provides security and minimizes fatigue
or hazards that the disabled workers are exposed to during the work. In their final article, the
legislation emphasized on special precaution measures for the technology-related work.in this
section issues partnering chemical hazards, risks of boilers and air reservoirs, risks of manual work
tools, seaport works, and the risks of harmful rays with cancer-related were a point of concern.
The precautions put in place to protect the workers from these risks were based on personal
protective gear such as the use of personal protectives items. Further use of well-trained personnel
was highly recommended for this kind of work. The employer was also recommended to ensure
their workers undertaking this kind of work and also give them risks allowances. Following a
successful implementation of the precautions, the employees working in risky related work can
work in a non-risking environment therefore delivering effectively. Overall, the 2008 legislation
provisions were of great impact to the workplace despite its cost. Many workers can work in a
stable and safe environment therefore meeting the employers’ expectations business. The issue of
work-related accidents has also been in a drop, therefore reducing the costs of compensations and
medical bills; hence more saves are met.
Factors undermining health safety in workplaces
Nonetheless, despite this progress, safety concern is still a concern in workplaces. According to J.
Barling and his colleague M. Frone’s examination of the psychology of workplace safety, the
available data shows that work-related injuries and fatalities occur at an alarming and high rate in
both the developing and industrialized countries, (Barling and Frone,2017). A study was done in
Leigh, Macaskil, and Mandyk (1999), the estimated number of new cases of workplace injuries
and fatalities to have grown in more significant heights in the eight World bank regions. The
estimation of the former socialist economist of Europe on occupational injuries ranged from 4.85
million to 24.4 million in china. The overall estimation worldwide was approximately 100.6
million, with which 100 thousand were fatal injuries. Not a surprise that the economic cost of these
occupational injuries is also struggling. For example, in the United States estimate of six thousand
people died of work-related injuries, and other13.5 million experienced non-fatal injuries.
Moreover, In the case of Canada in the year 2016, there were reported 758 work-related fatalities
with four hundred thousand reporting severe injury cases. Both nations have experienced a burden
in terms of compensation to the affected workers. In Canada, for instance, an estimate of $6000 is
spent yearly in compensation of the Canadian workers who might have been exposed to this injury
with some forced to quit their jobs as a result of a disability. Additionally, $492 thousand are also
used to compensate for the fatal injuries to the families of the diseased (Health executive,2016).
Overall the official estimates of the number of occupational injuries and their associated economic
cost fail in providing a clear picture of the overall human suffering resulting from work-related
injuries. The suffering individuals not only consist of the injured workers but also their friends’
family and the entire community as well. This, therefore, remains still a challenge despite the
policies and measures put in place for the safety of the worker.
Despite the few challenges faced by the implementation of health safety measures, they are of
great importance in the workplace. Occasionally OSHA and other labor-related agencies have been
at the forefront in ensuring the health safety of the workers is met by enforcing the set rules
governing the same. Many of the institutions worldwide have also found it useful to protect their
workers from accidents, therefore experiencing a smooth run in their businesses. By so doing,
many of the workers have been in a position to work in a secure environment with no fear of any
shortcomings in their workplaces. Even though the measures put in place, in my opinion, more
recommendations should be put in place to enable the institutions to work in a more convenient
environment. Some of the recommendations are that; regular teaching of the workers on matters
of their safety, giving them a clear picture of their responsibilities and their rights too. The
Government on their side should increase the task force by ensuring workers’ rights of
compensation in case of injuries and fatalities are done. As a result of the improvement of
technology, more updated measures of protection should be put in place. This puts the business in
a good working condition with the workers working at their comfort. However, the business
exhibits a positive index output resulting in a promising investment.
Content word count: (3011).
Barling, J. and Frone, M.R. (2017) If only my leader would just do something, passive leadership
undermines employees well-being through role stressors and psychological resources
depletion. “stress and Health 33, no,3(2017):2211-222
Cary. U (2017) A review of the literature relating to occupational Health and Safety. Journal of
occupational psychology,49(1), pp.11-28.
Katie. M (2017) “consequences of poor health and safety “. Journal of the American Geriatrics
Society,61(7), pp.1095-1102.
Ministerial decree no 286/2008; perspectives derived from poor safety practices Issued on the
22nd June 2008 and Effective as on 1st July 2008.
Steven .C (2016). Fundamentals of total worker health approaches; Essential elements for
advancing worker safety, health, and well-being.
WHO, (2020) Leaving it up to the workers: Sociological perspective on the management of
health and safety in workplaces. ‘International Journal of Health Services,22(4), pp.689704.
BSc (Hons) Health, Safety and Environmental
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FZ3515 / Health and Safety in the workplace
Dr. Faris Omer & Mr. Victor Olabode Otitolaiye
Coursework 2 – Presentation
Date of Issue: 25/10/2020
Date of Submission: 25/11/2020
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This paper contains 1 task

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presentation as marks will be awarded individually.

Your report should contain words supported by scientific references.
Each group is required to prepare a 15-20 minutes’ presentation of not more than 1000 words.
The presentation is to be based on the effects and impacts of safety practices on safety outcomes
according to the information presented in your written report.
Each group is required to critically evaluate the impact of the selected safety practices on the safety
outcomes stated in your written report. Each group should also make recommendations on relevant
articles from Omani Ministerial Decree No 286/2008 that would be breached if these safety
practices are not followed.
The Presentation must include:



Influence of safety practices on safety outcomes within a workplace

Breach of Omani Ministerial Decree No 286/2008 from poor safety practices.

Conclusions and recommendations


Use Power point for presentation.

Use bullet point and tables in your presentation.

The presentation should start with an introductory page.

The presentation should not exceed the word count.

ANY words, ideas, or information from any source used to support findings/observations,
must be supported with suitable evidence and has to be referenced. If the exact words of an
author, or if you paraphrase their words, or if you summarize their ideas, the original
reference should be provided, which otherwise would lead to plagiarism and your work could
be failed. For referencing follow the Harvard Referencing System.

Body text should be Times New Roman font with 28 point, 1.0 spacing for Power Point.

The number of words must be shown at the end of the work submitted before the reference
Marking Criteria
The course work will be assessed and graded based on the marking criteria below
Group Oral Presentation
Influence of safety practices on safety outcomes within a workplace
Breach of Omani Ministerial Decree No 286/2008 from poor safety practices.
Conclusions and recommendations

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