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I need help solving this lab portion on Geology with these Follwing Questions on Plate Boundaries .

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R. Davies Plate Tectonics Laboratory
Part III. Plate Boundaries using Google Earth
Step 1. Open your web browser and launch Google Earth:
Question 1. Explore the topography of the Earth’s surface about sea level. Are mountains
randomly distributed on the continents, or do they tend to occur in particular patterns (clusters,
linear chains, arcs, etc.)?
Question 2. Look up and provide the elevation of Mt. Everest, the highest point on earth:
Question 3. Explore the topography of the Earth’s surface below sea level. On Google Earth, the
bathymetry of the ocean floor is shown with shades of blue; the darker the blue the deeper the
Examine the Atlantic Ocean between South America and Africa. Does it have a smooth bottom?
Does depth increase or increase toward the middle? Describe the topography that you find in the
middle of the Atlantic Ocean (a plain, a valley, a mountain chain, etc.).
Question 4. Features like the one running down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean are called mid-
ocean ridges or spreading ridges. Zoom in to see that although the ridge is a topographic high, it
also has a valley (the “rift valley”) running along the middle of it. In the space below, complete the
topographic profile of the Atlantic Ocean floor between South America and Africa.
South America
Atlantic Ocean
R.Davies Plate Tectonics Laboratory
Question 5. The Earth’s lowest spots aren’t in the middle of the ocean, so where are they? Look at
the west coast of South America, and in the space below complete the topographic profile of the
Pacific Ocean floor from South America westward about 600 miles (1000 km).

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