GEO101 (MOD5 Critical Thinking-3 Pg APA Essay)


3 Page APA Formatted Essay
Chapter 12 Coastlines in An introduction to geology. Salt Lake Community College. Open Educational ResourceIntroduction to the Oceans in Earth science. Open Educational Resource.Composition of Ocean Water in Earth science. Open Educational Resource.The Seafloor in Earth science. Open Educational Resource.Ocean Currents in Earth science. Open Educational Resource.Oceans and Coastal Environments in Earth science. Open Educational Resource.Tides in Earth science. Open Educational Resource.Currents in Earth science. Open Educational Resource.
Gaylord, B., Kroeker, K. J., Sunday, J. M., Anderson, K. M.,
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through the lens of ecological theory. Ecology, 96(1), 3-15. Retrieved from, L., Slat, B., Ferrari, F.,
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Option #1: Coastlines
The coastlines of the world are constantly being impacted by waves,
currents, and storms. Choose your favorite coastline (or least favorite)
and describe how it is affected by those factors. The section of
coastline you select should be less than 100 miles in length. In your
essay, discuss how your coastline changed over time, through erosion and
deposition. Consider including air photos, satellite images, and/or
maps to show the historic changes to the coastline. What features are
found along it? Ones you might mention include but are not limited to
barrier islands, headlands, bays, caves, arches, sea stacks, cliffs, and
wave-cut platforms. Finally, consider the future of your coastline. How
might it change as sea level rises due to global climate change, and
how might waves, currents, and storms contribute to those changes?Your paper should meet the following requirements:2-3 pages in length3-4 outside sourcesFormatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.)
It is strongly recommended that you submit all assignments to the
TurnItIn Originality Check prior to submitting the assignment to your
instructor for grading. If you are uncertain how to submit an assignment
to TurnItIn, please review the TurnItIn Originality Check student guide
for step-by-step instructions.Option #2: Oceanic Impacts
Humans have been utilizing the ocean for millennia, but also causing
problems in the oceans. Choose one of these negative issues, such as
overfishing, plastic trash, invasive species, coral bleaching, marine
dumping, habitat destruction, acidification, dead zones, or another.
Describe what the problem is, how humans caused the problem, where the
problem is, and how is it destructive. Suggest possible solutions for
this problem.Your paper should meet the following requirements:2-3 pages in length3-4 outside sourcesFormatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements

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