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Instructions says it all :). Just pretend like you went to one of the places she put and pretend like you were there while talking about the place and following the rules. SHouldnt take that long.

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Geog M01 – Fall 2018 – Fieldtrip
Due: the week before finals
The purpose of this fieldtrip assignment is to make
connections between what you learn through
reading, research, lectures) and what you see (fieldtrip observations)
Tear off and
Keep this
Self-directed field trip and research project – as stated in your course syllabus, this
assignment is worth 30 points. This is equivalent to 3 homework assignments and as such,
you should devote 3 times as much energy and time to doing a good job.
Visit somewhere (this semester) that relates to the topics covered in this class, make
observations then write up your findings in a 3-4 page report. Describe what you see and
make educated comments about your observations based on theoretical information in the
corresponding chapter. Make connections between what you see and what the book says
about these features, analyze and interpret what you see, speculate about the processes
involved. The report should be informative, thorough and accurate.
For instance:
• Deserts: read the chapter on deserts then visit a desert – make observations, take note
of the topography, soil, plant and animal life, weather, then write up your report in light
of what you now know about deserts.
• Beaches: read the chapter on beaches then visit a beach – examine the beach (slope,
width, waves, shoreline, tidepool life, vegetation, dunes, headlands, cliffs, currents);
then write up your report in light of what you now know about beaches,
• Other suggestions: visit a hot spring, an oasis in the desert, a cave, a volcanic feature, a
visible section of a fault-line or folding strata in a roadcut, a mudslide or rockslide area,
sand-dune, glacially carved landscape, a waterfall, Yosemite valley, Sierra mountains,
coastal plain, mountain, lake or river…. Read the corresponding chapter and write up
Add photos, maps, drawings or diagrams to your report if helpful.
List the sources used (e.g. textbook name and author) at the end of your paper.
Grading will be based on effort (extent of your observations and information), accuracy
(research), and punctuality (on time).

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