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The Best Geologist Ever!
End of Semester Project for GEOL 100C
100 points
Due May 16th, 2015
For this end of semester project, you will choose a geologist from the provided
list and write a 1-3 page, 12 point font, double space typed report that focuses on
the following points:
 Who your geologist is (background information)
o Where he/she lives/lived
o What he/she studies/studied, including any recent work, if
o What interested him/her about geology initially
 What aspect(s) of this course relates to your geologist
o Astronomy/planetary geology
o Plate tectonics/geophysics
o Mineralogy (minerals)
o Volcanology/igneous petrology (volcanoes and igneous rocks)
o Sedimentology (sediment and sedimentary rocks)
o Paleontology (fossils and extinct organisms)
o Seismology (earthquakes)
o Structural geology
o Oceanography (oceans)
o Meteorology (climate/weather patterns)
 What the goal of your geologist’s research is/was and how he/she
plans/planned to improve oceanographic studies
Geologists to Choose From (Choose One):
 Howard Wheater
 Tim Orr
 Adriana Ocampo

T. Boone Pickens
George R. Rossman
Lucy Jones
James Hutton
Arnold H. Bouma
Mary Lou Zoback
Walther Penck
Sylvia Earle
Norman L. Bowen
Lonnie Thompson
Luis Chiappe
Stan Finney
How to cite papers
Within the text, you will need to cite journal articles as you bring up particular
facts or figures. For example, sauropod dinosaurs were huge (Chiappe, 2000) and
the most famous of these by far is Argentinosaurus (Coria, 1996). Dinosaurs
varied in size and weight…according to Holtz (1998), most dinosaurs in
Gondwanaland are considered the largest known. After the in-text citations are
complete, you will need to place the referred authors in a Literature Cited section
at the end of your report.
The Literature Cited section is identical to a bibliography. List the authors in
alphabetical order by last name, followed by the rest of the cited work. The
second line needs to be indented, and each citation is single spaced. Here are
some examples to match the in-text citations shown above:
Coria, Rodolfo. 1996. Argentinosaurus sp. was the most famous
sauropod. Reputable Scientific Journal Title, Volume No. 1,
p. 1-100.
Holtz, Thomas. 1998. Dinosaurs of Gondwanaland. Reputable
Scientific Journal Title, Volume No. 1, p. 1-100.
If there are multiple authors for a given citation, please list the first author’s last
name first and then list the remaining authors as follows:
Chiappe, Luis and Rodolfo Coria. 1996. Etc.
Chiappe, Luis, Coria, Rodolfo, and Thomas Holtz. 1998. Etc.
If you retrieve information from a website with an author, here is how to cite said
Chiappe, Luis. 2000. Sauropod dinosaurs and their nests.
Retrieved from: on
September 24, 2014.
If the website does not have an author, simply use the organization name in place
of an author and place it in alphabetical order with the rest of the citations.
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. 2000.
Sauropod dinosaurs and their nests. Retrieved from:
on September 24, 2014.
Remember—I will check all your sources and your reports for
plagiarism! That being said…Good luck and have fun! 

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