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Week 4 Deserts Lab Report
GLG/220 Version 3
University of Phoenix Material
Week 4 Deserts Lab Report
Answer the lab questions for this week and summarize the lab experience using this form.
Carefully read Ch. 15 of Geoscience Laboratory. Pay special attention to the graphs and figures.
Complete this week’s lab by filling in your responses to the questions from the Geoscience Laboratory.
Select answers are provided for you in red font to assist you with your lab work. Although you are only
required to respond to the questions in this worksheet, you are strongly encouraged to answer the other
questions from the text on your own; doing so will make answering the required questions easier.
Questions are from Geoscience Laboratory, 5th ed. (pp. 268–278), by T. Freeman, 2009, New York, NY:
John Wiley & Sons. Reprinted with permission.
Lab Questions
Given principles 1–4 on page 265, explain the occurrence of the two contrasting climates
illustrated in Figure 15.5.
When a hawk or eagle wishes to gain altitude after a tiring day of hunting that bird heads for a
spot beneath a cumulus cloud. Why? Hint: What is the motion of air beneath a cumulus cloud?
What accounts for the cloud development?
How does the Bernoulli principle apply to the architecture of a prairie dog village? Hint: Ever hear
of an airfoil—the shape of an airplane wing that gives it lift?
Why are nights in arid lands surprisingly cold? Hint: Think of a feature of the atmosphere that
holds daytime heat during the night.
15.14. What is the prevailing wind direction indicated by the barchan dunes in Figure 15.14?
15.16. Notice in Figure 15.14 that some of the dunes are not perfectly symmetrical like that shown in
Figure 15.13. (A) Describe this asymmetry, and (B) try to explain it. Hint: Study the caption to
Figure 15.13A.
15.18. Which is the steeper side of this dune—the northwest side or the southeast side? Hint: You must
answer Q15.17 and use the map on page 278 to answer this question.
15.19. Which kind of dune illustrated in Figure 15.15 do you believe you traversed with your topographic
15.20. From which direction did the wind that fashioned the dunes of the Lakeside region blow (NE, NW,
SE, or SW)?
Copyright © 2014, 2011 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
Week 4 Deserts Lab Report
GLG/220 Version 3
Answer: From the northwest (Hint. If you are having trouble visualizing this, review the difference
between the windward and leeward sides shown in Figure 15.15)
Lab Summary
Address the following in a 100- to 200-word summary:

Summarize the general principles and purpose of the lab.
Explain how this lab helped you better understand the topics and concepts addressed this week.
Describe what you found challenging about this lab.
Describe what you found interesting about this lab.
Write your summary here:
Copyright © 2014, 2011 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
Figure 15.5 Where prevailing winds move across a mountain range,
humid conditions occur on the windward side, and dry conditions occur
on the leeward side.
Figure 15.13 Barchan dune aerodynamics. A Map view with arrows
indicating air flow. A constant wind direction produces a dune that is
symmetrical in plan view. B Oblique view.
Figure 15.14 Sand dunes near Kane Spring, California, are typically of
the barchan variety. But horns point in a variety of directions. Does this
reflect changing wind directions?
Figure 15.15 Four types of dunes. Three of the shapes—barchan,
parabolic, and transverse—indicate wind direction by their steeper
slopes being on their leeward sides.
Figure 15.16 Idealized contour map of a sand dune 50+ feet high. The
base of the dune is arbitrarily assigned the value of 0 feet.

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