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My paper is on Mt Denali5 pages, at a minimum, in length:5 pages of written text (which does not include space taken up by photos, illustrations or charts).This is a science research paper about a geology topic and must be in third person, therefore words such as we, me, I you, our, or us are not allowed to be used. Make sure these are not in your paper.I did the outline you need to write a 5 pages from my outline. Its in the attachment.

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Outline and Thesis Assignment, Mt Denali
Mt Denali is the highest peak in North America (Harris, Tuttle & Tuttle, 2004). The thesis in this paper is
that the subduction that occurred at Mt Denali is responsible for the occurrence of earthquakes as far
away as Alaska and the Aleutian Islands that are deep in the Pacific Ocean. This tectonic activity is
caused by the fact that the tectonic stress caused by the subduction of the Pacific Plate under the North
American Plate is immense.
An introduction to the subject of Geology and the importance of its study to humanity is introduced and
elaborated on. The assertion that understanding geology is important to the construction of critical
infrastructure is also introduced.
. An introduction to the concept of infrastructure is made. Particular attention is paid to the aspect of
subterranean infrastructure in a state. Examples such as water, oil, and gas pipelines are introduced
with specific mentions being made of examples of the same being made.
A summary of the first two concepts is summarized to give the reader a working knowledge of the
concepts to be discussed in the paper
Background of the Research
The process of tectonic subduction is introduced here.
The process of how Mt McKinley (Mt. Denali) was formed is averred. This helps the reader to
understand how a mountain is made. Furthermore this section helps the reader to understand how the
physical feature was made and how the specific physical feature was made.
The composition of the mountain as being made of granite is introduced and elaborated on so as to
acquaint the reader with an idea of the composition and thus qualities of the mountain.
Literature Review
Literature reviews show the place of the current study in the body of literature; they justify why the
study ought to be conducted.
The literature review shows the presence of agreeing on literature and uses those averments by those
authors as a means of coating the argument in this paper.
The literature Review looks at subterranean infrastructure in far away regions along the fault and
reviews the necessary literature to have the information relate to this paper.
Theoretical and Conceptual Framework
The theory of geological subduction was as introduced. The relation between density and subduction
is explained. The purpose is to reveal more facts that validate the use of this theory in this paper.
The Concept of geological subduction is used to explain why the mountain has its characteristics and
where the features that are formed.
Hypothesis & Broad Argument Layout
The relation between subterranean infrastructure and volcanicity is elaborated on. The risks associated
with damage is discussed
The risk factors that cause the subduction at Mt. Denali to pose dangers to the subterranean
infrastructure that is located very far from it but which is located along or near the fault line.
A summary of the thesis that the setting up of subterranean infrastructure is risky due to the
subduction at Mt Denali is made, in line with the hypothesis of the paper.
Denali, the “High One”, is the name Athabascan native people gave the massive peak that crowns the
600 mile-long Alaska Range. Denali is also the name of an immense national park and preserve created
from the former Mount McKinley National Park. The changes in names and boundaries that have
occurred over the years can be confusing, as they indicate the way various parts of the park and
preserve may be used today. In 1917 Mount McKinley National Park was established as a wildlife refuge.
The park and the massif including North America’s highest
Harris, A., Tuttle, E., & Tuttle, S. (2004). Geology of national parks. Dubuque, Iowa:
Kendall/Hunt Pub.

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