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Specimen 2 is sandstone
Specimen 3 is Rounded polished marble

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Question 1
Tutor-marked assignment
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Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
This question carries 16 marks. It will be assessed according to how well you demonstrate, in your answer, the following
learning outcomes:
Kn1 knowledge and understanding of sedimentary rocks and the Earth’s interior
P1 make and record observations and measurements and report results (sedimentary rocks)
Ky3 communicate scientific topics clearly and concisely, using methods and scientific language appropriate to your purpose
and audience
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Week 0
a. There are two specimens of sedimentary rocks in your Practical Kit – Specimens 2 and 3. Complete a copy of Table 1 by
listing four characteristics that differ between these rock specimens (ignoring the fact that one has been polished). You
should also summarise your observations of these characteristics for each rock and then explain how each of the differences
you have observed relates to the geological processes that formed the rocks. (Guideline: Your entries in the ‘Observations’
column should be just a few words, but entries in the ‘Explanation of difference’ column should be one or two sentences
b. All of the rock specimens in the Practical Kit (Specimens 2 to 6) are representative of the types of rocks found on the Earth’s
surface, or just below its surface (accessed via deep mines or via boreholes). A reasonable assumption is that these types of
rocks are found all the way to the centre of the Earth. However, several lines of evidence indicate that this assumption is not
true. Using information in Book 2, describe four observations that indicate the Earth’s interior is made of materials that differ
from the types of rock found at, or just below, the Earth’s surface. (Guideline: up to 200 words in total.)
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Week 10
Table 1
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Specimen 2 observations
Specimen 3 observations
Explanation of difference
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