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I’m working on a art exercise and need a sample draft to help me study.

instructions are attached. the drawing can be of anyone that describes the list in the directions. full face must be on the size of the paper. from head to shoulders. if you have questions contact me.

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OK, we have spent the last few weeks working on a series of self portraits. We have discussed
measuring and proportion, the structure of the head, the placement of vertical and horizontal
axis to assist in placement of the features, observing value differences to create form, frontal
and profile poses, and a variety of material and color possibilities. We have continued to
emphasize the importance of considering ALL of the formal elements of drawing – yes, we are
drawing a self portrait, but we are also making a drawing. We have also discussed the
possibility of expression – asking ourselves what it is about US that we want to express, above
and beyond physical likeness.
In this drawing, we will emphasize the expressive possibilities of self portraiture. We will begin
with this question – Who am I ? How would you describe your personality? What kind of person
are you – lively, shy, organized, full of energy, kind, impulsive, aggressive, etc.
First, I want you to make a written list of adjectives and adverbs ( no nouns ) that describe you.
My list would include habitual
hard working
Now, make a drawing that communicates some or all of these qualities. The drawing may
include a physical likeness, may be totally abstract, or a combination of both. Use your list as
guidance when deciding composition, shape, edge, value, color, texture, and gesture. Choice of
materials, tools, surface, shape and scale of the finished drawing are up to you. The drawing
may look like you, might not look like you, but should FEEL like you!
Due Friday April 16 at midnight – try to submit this ON TIME!!!!!!!!

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