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the US? Should untrained people be allowed to
apply Roundup in farms and gardens? Should
application of Roundup be restricted to licensed
pesticide application specialists? (8) In some
locations, the population of bees has dropped.
One of the terms that has been used is “colony
collapse.” What is the current thinking of
scientists regarding the cause of colony
collapse? In the past 30 years, many causes
have been proposed, including cell phones,
global warming, Roundup and others.
The source material can vary from newspapers
to magazines to journals and it must be current,
published within the last month. If the news
article reports on specific studies (e.g., the New
York Times newspaper reporting on a major
study that has been published in the scientific
literature), trace the information to the original
source and include the link to this primary
source in your discussion. For articles from
environmental or science journals, the source
must be from a university, professional society
or scientific publisher, with the author
associated with a university or science
institution. For articles from major newspapers
or magazines, the subject of the article must be
sourced from a university, professional society
or scientific publisher.
In the Discussion area, create a 500-word initial
Discussion Posting that contains:
• An overview of the article with an active
link to the article. If the article contains
reference to an actual scientific study,
• Key points that are related in the article,
and how they relate to information
presented in class through lecture or in
the textbook. Include what Course
Learning Outcomes (CLO(s)) are
addressed by the article.
• Impact of the article to your state and/or
the nation’s environment, society, politics
or economics.
• And finally, your opinion about the worth
and validity of the article supported by
citations from the textbook.
Post your 500-word paper on the Discussion
Board. Name it “Online Article Review
Discussion 2.”
This assignment also requires you to read a
classmate’s article and their review, and offer a
peer review (Reply Posting). You are to provide
a 200-word peer review of your classmate’s
article review Discussion Posting. Reply Postings
should add to the discussion in a meaningful
way by bringing up an original and relevant
point with support from the textbook, lecture or
personal experience. You are encouraged to
express a different interpretation or ask for
additional information from the other students
about the source material. Your reply comments
do not require citation.
اچ ال
For this second Discussion Posting Assignment,
find an environmentally related news or
scientific article on one of the following topics:
(1) Is climate change causing rapid extinction of
plant and animal species? (2) Is climate change
causing damage to coral reefs? (3) As human
population grows, people expand into into
wilderness areas to build farms and homes. Is
this reduction in wildlife habitat causing a drop-
off in wildlife numbers? (4) In some tropical
areas, wildlife habitat is being replaced by palm
oil plantations. What is the impact on wild
animals like orangutans? (5) It is believed by
some people that the Corona Virus originated in
bats, and it moved from bats to humans. How
does a virus or bacteria move from an animal to
a human? How does it move from a human to
an animal? (6) In the developed world, the
economy is in better shape than in poor
countries. In the developed world, people have
more money to spend on food, and they eat
more meat. Many livestock animals are raised in
feedlots where they eat corn and other
vegetables. How many pound of corn does a
steer need to eat in order to add a pound of
body weight? How much manure does the steer
create? Would the environment be better off if
humans ate less meat? Could humans replace
the meat in our diet with things like salads and
beans? (7) Roundup is a popular herbicide that
is used by farmers and gardeners to kill
unwanted vegetation like weeds. Some people
believe Roundup is dangerous to animals and
people. Should Roundup be offered for sale in

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Effects of Human Population Expansion to Wildlife

Wildlife disturbance

Human harm to environment

growth of the human population

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