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Hello, I need your help answering these 50 multiple choice questions, i will provide chapter (1-6) pages that has the answeres, thank you i really appreciate that 🙂 1. During the 1920’s,the motion picture industry had to compete with radio.TrueFalse 2. Moving pictures were first shown to the public
in locations such as nudist camps, caves, and cattle stockyards. .A. TrueB. False3. Production
sound is the name of the actual sounds recorded on the set as the scene is
being filmed. TrueFalse4. We
mentioned that a famous film composer has been very successful without being
able to read music. His name was:A. John WilliamsB. Hugo BlowdornC. Hans ZimmerD. Peter Hechenbrokurstcollingford E. None of
the above.5. One of the advantages of the new art form of
cinema was its ability to record history for future generations.TrueFalse6. What is the name of the version of a film that
has no intention of further editing?Rough
Tut cutFine
or locked cut7. Prior to THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY, most movies
were no more than a short film clip seen inside a device known as a
_______________? CinephoneCinemaphoneFilmaphoneKinetoscopeNone
of the above.8. The use of what technique helps to provide unity or coherence to a story within a
a “package deal.”Using
breakdown notes.Using
a streamer board.Using
a leitmotif.All
of the above.9.
filmmakers were happy to see sound added to their films in the early days of
synchronized sound in the late 1920s.TrueFalse10. The “rough
cut” is a version of the film that might be within five to fifteen minutes of
the film’s final length. A. TrueB. False11. BLACKMAIL was originally released in three different versions.A. TrueB. False12. Most film composers working today have about
3-6 months to compose and record a
score for a film.A. TrueB. False13. When a filmmaker wants to use source music
from a commercial recording such as a famous pop singer, who usually clears the
rights to re-use this music in the film?A. The
directorB. The
producerC. The
music copyistD. The
production assistantE. None
of the above.14. Cue sheets were placed inside the
cans of film during the “silent days”. These cue sheets were suggested listings
of music that could be played in the theaters to accompany the silent images.A. TrueB. False15. If an actor or actresses has to be called back
in to re-do their dialogue track, what technique will be used?A. UnderscoringB. LoopingC. Set
recordingD. Standard
recordingE. Playback
recording16. Which of the following is NOT a function of film scoring?To
reflect emotion.To
parallel the action.To
shine your shoes.To
use as source music.To
play against the action.17. What type of music helps with the overall
ambience of a film and helps to set the tone of the movie?A. End
credit musicB. Linear
musicC. Streamer
musicD. Main
title musicE. All
of the above18. Which famous silent film had some scandal
connected to its production and had to move from Italy
back to the United States?A. The
Birth of a NationB. The
Great Train RobberyC. The
Fall of the Roman EmpireD. Ben-HurE. Gladiator19. To “Mickey Mouse the action” means to parallel
the action.A. TrueB. False20. What is another name for “borrowing
pre-recorded music for a film?”A. Tracking.B. The
click tract method.C. Wild
recording.D. The
punch and steamer method.E. The
SMPTE sync pulse time code method.21. Some movie theaters built during the early
decades of the development of cinema could actually hold more than 6,000
people.A. TrueB. False22. What does ADR stand for?A. This
is a term that stands for automated
or automatic dialogue replacement and
it is used in post-production to replace the inferior production sound.B. ADR
stands for Allen Douglas Ruggleshausen, the inventor of the movie projector.C. This
is a reference to a method of acting done in Belgium
and Holland
during the early days of motion pictures.D. It
is used by anyone who does lighting for a motion picture.E. ADR
are the initials for the inventor of the popcorn machine used in movie
theaters.23. What is the significance of THE LIGHTS OF NEW
YORK?A. It’s
the first sound film to use music.B. It’s
the first all-talking sound feature film.C. It’s
the first feature film to contain some dialogue, but is basically a silent
film.D. It’s
the first sound film made in England.E. None
of the above.24. Sam Warner, one of the Warner Brothers, was
more excited about using the new sound process to feature music instead of
hearing the actors talk.A. TrueB. False25. Microphones were always adequate in recording the music of early sound films, but
were not successful in recording the actor’s voices.A. TrueB. False26. According to what we said in the class
lecture, when sound came in to cinema and now you could hear actors talking,
what happened to some of the silent film stars? A. Some
became frustrated and decided to enter the monastery to become monks so you
could no longer hear their voices. B. Many
turned to the auto industry and made cars in Detroit because the loud machinery
would cover up their voices when they spoke to someone.. C.
Several silent stars killed the filmmakers because now their careers were
ruined. D. A
couple of the silent stars committed suicide because the audience laughed at
the sound of their voices. E. None
of the above.27. Original scores appeared first in what country?A. GermanyB. EnglandC. FranceD. AmericaE. Italy28. Who is generally regarded as the single most
important figure in the history of American film?A. Edwin
S. PorterB. Busby BerkrleyC. Fred
NibloD. Alfred
HitchcockE. D.
W. Griffith29. Who is the captain
in charge at the final mixing (dubbing) session?A. Dialogue
mixerB. Sound
effects mixerC. Foley
artistD. Sound
designerE. Music
mixer30. Wild
recording is used in the least expensive productions.A. TrueB. False31. The room
tone is a special recording that you purchase from a software company.A. TrueB. False32. The click track method is no longer used in
the studios to synchronize the music to the picture because it is not very
effective and it causes most film composers to have heart attacks.A. TrueB. False33. Which of the following is NOT used for
developing the concept for the score?A. Consider
the period of history of the movie.B. Look
at the location and ethnic background of the movie.C. Look
at the film’s overall dramatic theme.D. Check
the public domain of the songs used.E. Look
at the major character or characters of the film.34. Which is the longest version of a film?A. The
theatrical cutB. The
rough cutC. The
assembly cutD. The
director’s cutE. The
fine cut35. Most producers and directors are very skilled
in music and can intelligently discuss with the composer how music should be
used within their films.A. TrueB. False36. In this business it doesn’t matter who you
know but how much talent and know-how you possess.A. TrueB. False37. The primary music copyist at a scoring session
is known as the “booth person.”A. TrueB. False38. Alex North had his score for what movie
rejected?A. The
ExorcistB. PlatoonC. PoltergeistD. 2001
A Space OdysseyE. Rapa Nui39. Busby Berkeley
helped to spark a revival of horror
movies at a time when they were going out of fashion.A. TrueB. False40. The first great dramatic movie score came from
the year 1933. The movie which contained this score by Max Steiner was called
My Back is Killing MeB.
You Have An Unusual FaceC.
Look At That Dog’s FleasD.
King Kong41. The best kind of director will not discuss
music and will rely totally on the know-how of the composer.A. TrueB. False42. Which composer from the Golden Age of Film
Music had originated a style of composing that became known as the “Fox string
Alfred Newman43. According to the lectures in class, which
score by Korngold was the inspiration for the main title music for Star Wars?A.
Sea HawkB.
Sunday PicnicC.
King’s RowE.
The Wizard of Oz44. What is an EPK?A. Egg-Packaged
KrumrodB. It
stands for the creator of cinema. His name was Eggblatt Primrose Killbill.C. Endorica
Pupushka Kundullicini, the first woman camera operator during the silent days
of filmmaking.D. New
music inspired by the silent film pop group, Eyelash Pantyhose Kitchenware.E. Electronic
Press Kit.45. According to our lectures in class, who was
paid the highest salary of the Golden Age of Film Music period? A. Rozsa B. Steiner C.
Stothart D. Newman E. Korngold46. Film
Noir is a term that means erotic, sexy film.TrueFalse47. A foley artist is a person who uses a
pre-recorded sound from a sound effects library to enhance the background
sounds for a film.A. TrueB. False48. Lee De Forest invented a vacuum tube that
greatly improved the amplification of the volume of the sound-on-disc process.A. TrueB. False49. According to our lectures in class, the song “Over the Rainbow” was voted the worst
song ever written for a movie.A. TrueB. False
50. What was the name of the sound-on-film system?A. Sousaphone
B. DictaphoneC. PhonofilmD. VitaphoneZenaphone

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