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Study Tip: In addition to completing these problems, students should also revisit the material
on the review for the midterm.
1, 485, 000 18
4, 455, 000
XI  60
2.35  48
4  9.4
75 gr = ________ g
6 fl oz = ________ mL
8. 1300 min = ____ hr (to nearest tenth of an hr)
3.2 1

7 pt = ________ mL
= _____hr ______min
A patient who weighs 60 kg is to receive 14 mg/kg of the drug estcamustine
phosphate sodium. How many capsules should be administered if each capsule =
0.14 g?
The order is 0.005g/kg of secobarbital for a patient who weighs 55 kg. Each
capsule contains 100 mg. How many capsules would you give to the patient?
Student Name:
A 5 mL vial of dry drug reads 1 g. The order is 500 mg. How much liquid should you add
to have a 1 mL dosage?
Add: _______________
A 10 mL vial of dry drug reads 5 g. Order is 30 gr. Determine the information for Add,
Give, Label.
Add: _______________
Give: _______________
Label: _______________
A 5 mL vial contains 3 gr of dry drug. The order is 30 mg. Determine the dosage and label
for each of the mixing instructions on the vial.
A. Add 1.8 mL will give 3 gr/2 mL
B. Add 2.6 mL will give 3 gr/3 mL
C . Add 4.5 mL will give 3 gr/5 mL
Add: ___________
Add: ___________
Add: ___________
Give: ___________
Give: ___________
Give: ___________
Label: _______________
Label: _______________
Label: _______________
Which set of instructions represents the strongest concentration? ________
Student Name:
A 2 mL vial contains 400 mg of dry drug. The order is 300 mg. The mixing instructions on
the vial are listed below. Determine the add, give and label for the weakest strength.
Add 0.7 mL will give 400 mg/ 1 mL
Add 1.5 mL will give 400 mg/1.5 mL
Add 1.9 mL will give 400 mg/ 2 mL
Add: _______________
Add: _______________
Give: _______________
Label: _______________
The patient is to receive 2300 mL in 10 hours. How many mL per hour is this?
Mrs. Sour is to receive 1000 mL in 16 hours. The I.V. set delivers 10 gtt/mL. The
drip rate should be
_______ gtt/min.
The patient needs 600 mL D5W infusing at 20 gtt/min. The drop factor is 12.
Approximately how long will it take to infuse?
Student Name:
Drip rate is 15 gtt/min. Set delivers 10 gtt/mL.
Patient will receive ________ mL in 16 hours.
An IV will infuse at 2000 mL in 4 hours. How many mL will infuse in 1 hour?
The doctor orders 30 mEq of KCL added to Mr. Brown’s I.V. The label on the vial
reads 25 mEq/10 mL. How many mL will you add?
Mr. Drip is to receive 800 mL in 12 hours. The I.V. set delivers 30 gtt/mL. The
drip rate should be
________ gtt/min
There are 10mL of pure iodine in a 40mL iodine solution. Express the strength of
this solution as a ratio, function and a percentage.
________ ________ ________
Student Name:
Mr. Black is to receive 800 mL D5W. The drop factor is 15. The I.V. will infuse at
30 gtt/min. How long will it take to infuse?
The patient’s I.V. drip rate is 30 gtt/min. The set delivers 15 gtt/mL.
The patient would receive _______ mL in 6 hours.
Using 60 gtt/ml, give Mr. Harris 100 mL of D5W at a rate of 22 gtt/min. If you
start the I.V. at 4 pm., at what time will it finish infusing?
J. Jones is to have 500 mL of I.V. solution with 250 mg medication in it. The I.V.
is to infuse at 125mL/hr. Calculate the mg/hr the patient is receiving.
It is your turn to make the cooling alcohol sponge-bath solution. The pharmacy sends
you 500 mL of their stock solution of 95% ethanol. You need to dilute the stock solution
to make 1 liter of 10% ethanol. How many ml of stock solution and water will you need
to mix?
Student Name:
The doctor orders 1000 mL D5W to infuse in 12 hours. The drop factor is 15. Calculate
the drip rate.
Shields Less is to have 750 mL at a rate of 18 gtt/min. If the drop factor is 10, how long
will it take to infuse?
a) Calculate your answer to the nearest tenth of an hour. ____________hr
b) Calculate your answer to the nearest hour and minutes without
intermediate rounding.
______hr ______min
Convert a 1.2% solution to mg/mL. ________

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