HIS 110 GCU Shintoism and Christianity a Comparative Analysis PPT


When we examine different cultures, at first glance, they can seem quite different but the more we learn, the more similarities we can see. While cultures might express themselves differently, they share similar customs, values, and beliefs.
For this assignment, you will select a unique society (i.e. the cultural groups, national groups, and/or political groups) or religion. Once a society or religion is chosen, you will prepare a booklet comparing three customs, values, and beliefs that are shared across the societies/religions you selected. Refer to the list of examples below for ideas.
Examples of customs, values, and beliefs:
Creation myths
The female divine

The male divine
Trickster myths
Sacred places
Ancestor worship
The flood narrative
Contemplative or ascetic traditions
Mandate of heaven vs. divine right of kings
Emperor worship
Saints, prophets, and holy men
Marriage traditions
Kinship systems
Approach to law and justice
Ritual sacrifice
Belief in afterlife/death rituals
Military technology
Popular entertainment
Agricultural practices
Courting rituals/practices
The booklet should include the following components:
Define the custom, value, or belief.

Compare and contrast the custom, value, and/or belief across two (or three) societies/religions.
Show how the custom, value, and/or belief influenced your selected societies/religions.

Explanation & Answer:
150 Words per Topic

Shared Customs

Creation myths

Shintoism And Christianity

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