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HIS-110 Topic 4 Cultural Transformation
For each question, provide a minimum 150-200 word response for each question. Use APA Style
Guide for citations and references.
1) Explain the difference between an open society and a closed society. Provide an example of
2) How did European perceptions of race alter India’s jati and varna system?
3) Examine Olympe de Gouges 1791 writing on the Declaration of Rights of Women. What are
some of the rights of women articulated in this document? How do these declarations make life
better for women?
4) How were some racial/economic groups rationalized as superior or inferior by social
Darwinism? How did Eugenics borrow from social Darwinism and what was the outcome?
5) Why does emancipation (of slaves) not necessarily translate into equality?
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HIS-110 Cultural Transformation Scoring Guide
Explained the difference between an open
society and a closed society and provides an
example of each
Explained how the European perceptions of
race altered India’s Jati and Varna system
Described the Olympe de Gouges 1791
declaration and how it made life better for
Explained how racial/economic groups were
rationalized as superior or inferior by social
Darwinism. Explained the outcome of
eugenics borrowed from social Darwinism.
Explained why emancipation does not
translate to equality.
Followed APA format and has a word count
of 150–200 words per answer
Cited and incorporated three to five
academic/scholarly sources
© 2022. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.

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