HIS 110 Learn from The Past Prepare for The Future Presentation


Topic – How can the lessons learned from the Great Depression (1929–1941) help prepare Americans for another economic depression?
STEP 1: Review the scenario:
Imagine you represent your company at a service organization dealing with one of these two issues: Facing Economic Change or Engaging Civil Rights. Your supervisor has asked you to research information related to the history of one of these issues for your organization to help new employees and volunteers understand it better. Your predecessor already started a list of sample primary and secondary sources and collections of sources.
In this assignment, you will take the final step in creating your presentation to help new employees and volunteers understand how historical events can be applied to one of the issues currently affecting your organization.
STEP 2: Use the guidance in Chapters 7, 8, and 9 to build your PowerPoint presentation. The presentation should be 7–11 slides and incorporate the evidence and arguments from Assignments 1 and 2. I have attached my completed assignments 1 and 2.
Be certain you include:
Title slide.

Sources slide.

Topic slide.

Evidence slides with evidence and visuals.
Slide that connects past events to current state for the topic focus you identified in Week 2.
STEP 3: Prepare notes for your oral presentation and add them to the presenter notes in PowerPoint.
STEP 4: Record a short (9 slides) presentation on your topic using the argument you created in Assignment 2 and the guidance provided in Chapter 10. Remember that your audience is new employees where you work. You should include at least 100 words speaker notes for each slide. 
These are the sources that need to be used for this assignment. These are primary sources. At least 2 of these sources should be used.



These are the secondary sources. At least 2 of these sources should be used.




Explanation & Answer:
9 Slides Presentation

Great Depression

economic depression

Learn from The Past

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