HIS 3316 AUST US Military Book Report


Book Review
Lee, Wayne E., Anthony E. Carlson, David L. Preston, and David Silbey. The Other Face of Battle: America’s Forgotten Wars and the Experience of Combat. New York: Oxford University Press, 2021.
Review Outline
Section 1: Introduction

? Identify the Author and the Title of the book

? Identify the Author’s thesis

? Develop your own thesis for the review

Section 2: Brief Summary of the Book

? Identify the structure of the book

? Does the structure help/hurt the author’s argument

? What methodology does the author use?

? What is the scope of the book

Section 3: Strengths of the thesis/book

? Identify the strengths of the book

o Use quotations to support your argument

? What are the sources?

Section 4: Weakness of thesis/book

? Identify the weaknesses of the author’s argument

? What is missing from the argument?

o Scope? Limited or too big?

o Did the evidence fall short?

o Lack of sources or evidence?

? Is the thesis successful or not?

Section 5: Wrap up/ Conclusion

? What is the audience of the book?

? Is it worth reading in a class?

? Where does it fit into the historiography?

? Readdress the author’s thesis

Each section can have multiple paragraphs

Explanation & Answer:
900 words




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