Historical Geology: Paleozoic, Mesozoic, & Cenozoic Eras


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The link above is the assignment. There are three options in that assignment from which I have to turn in one. The options 2 & 3 are the best way to go so please choose whichever is easiest for you to complete. 

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Week 13 – 15 Course Project Information
Purpose: The goal of this project is to apply the concepts from Part I of the text to your local
geology. You should choose one of the following and read the associated chapters.
A) Paleozoic Era
Chapters 13 – 15
B) Mesozoic Era
Chapters 16 and 17
C) Cenozoic Era
Chapters 18 – 20
Project Options: To complete the project, you may choose one of the following options.
1) Field Study and DB presentation: For this option, you will go out in your local area
and develop a “virtual field trip”. You should research the area first to get an idea of
what’s out there. You can document your trip by putting together a PPT that would
include photographs of the geology you are studying and other materials that you
may find appropriate (maps, figures etc.) You can also put together a YouTube
segment that documents the trip with your explanations of each stop.
2) Research Paper that describes your local geology. In your paper, you should
demonstrate concepts and methods learned in the text and lab exercises. You should
include a reference section indicating your sources.
3) Unit Lesson Plan: This option is intended primarily for educators in the class. For
this option, a unit lesson plan (at least two weeks) would be developed that would
include topics covered, clearly stated objectives (refer to Bloom’s taxonomy), how
these are to be covered, sample activities/exercises (with answer keys) and how
students will be assessed with at least one assessment instrument. You should also
indicate how the unit objectives support the Virginia SOLs and/or the National Science
Standards. If you work for a school division and use a standard form for constructing
lesson plans, you may use this to complete the project.
Submission and Presentation: For all options, your project should be completed by the
deadline and posted up on the Discussion Board so that everyone can share each other’s
work. You will also be expected to comment on at least two other projects.
1) You will be tested on the chapters appropriate to the option you have chosen. This will be
in the form of a set of take-home questions that will be incorporated into Exam II. This
portion of the exam will be worth 20 points.
2) If you choose to do the field study, this will count for one of your required labs. You will
receive up to 25 points as Lab 14. (Note: You cannot receive credit for the course project for
lab 14 if you do the research paper or lesson plan).
3) Once your project is posted on the Discussion Board, I will evaluate your work. You may
send me your work in advance of posting for feedback and suggestions. You should also
review the other projects and ask questions or comment on at least two students work.
Course Project Points Breakdown
Exam II Take-Home Questions
Lab 14 Field Study (Only for option 1)
PPT, Paper, Lesson Plan etc
20 (applies to exam grade only)
20 (the field work)
20 (with Lab 14 presentaion) or
40 (without Lab 14)
5 per comment (one minimum), up to 15
Your Comments on other projects
Total for Research Project
Refer to the Project Rubric for details on the scoring.

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